February 1st, 2004


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for the one other CLI linux purist out there, this script makes life in general so much easier. "a simple, totally integrated, console cd ripper" is all i need to be happy (this minute). it queries cddb & everything, all in commandline. mmmmm.

of course, now that it's compiled & functional, i'm pretty much required to go out & spend the $80 on that stupid 160G drive i mentioned a few weeks ago. & then i have to sit here & digitize the 449 cds in my collection, which is fantastic because i have a large number of rare & irreplaceable discs that i'd like to backup, & because having everything digitized will very much speed up the creation of mix cds, but it's all far less than fantastic because i have to sit here & digitize 449 cds. yikes.

good thing i have nowhere to be! ever!

& as proof of this statement, i offer the following:

  • linux doom is once again running on my system.
  • i now own the Guitar Freaks second mix courtesy of gareth, who is intensely fucking awesome & underappreciated.
  • intelligent qube, which drew gave me for a birthday & which irrevocably proved he doesn't like me, is still the most frightening puzzle game ever invented & i've yet to beat it.
  • work continues on the stupid-fucking-i-hate-you giant jigsaw ("starry night", 2000 pieces) that's going to look spectacularly insane when dry-mounted & framed on my wall, but that i wish i could've bought pre-assembled because i really do hate jigsaw puzzles.

    so with all these single-person activities currently ongoing, i'm obviously not spending any time outside of the house. fine by me - it's fucking cold out there. florida was, like, SIXTY the other morning. brr.

    yes i am an asshole.
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