February 13th, 2004


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i saw modest mouse play last night. only onomatapoeia is fiery enough to express my joy with this show: mmfph. MMFPH.

there was some kind of weird curfew at the tiny, TINY venue in miami, so the set was truncated/otherwise edited, but they played for over an hour & i was certainly a happy camper. is there anything better than seeing a band you love expand your favorite songs not only with extended instrumentality but also new lyrics? yum.

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i met some exceptionally cool people there, too, including one of the most physically attractive guys i've seen (whose name i can't recall even a little, which is fine because i think he's probably seventeen), & a midget who looked kind of like he could be the older brother of rob dickinson (of the catherine wheel). dave the midget bought me a bottle of water & stripped off his shirt four songs in. he was a trip.

& i made fifty bucks after the show by sucking some guy's cock. ok, no, i made it driving a couple of stranded kids home - their ride had to leave early & they [justifiably] refused to miss any of modest mouse's set, so they were offering everyone in the parking lot half a c for a lift. i'd driven an hour to the show, but it turned out they live five minutes from my apartment, so everyone was happy. the fifty goes right into the fund for the tattooing-my-skull project slated for this summer.

it's been a busy, eventful, active, sleep-deprived week & i'm an exhausted & very happy pony.

4.7G down on the cd ripping. back to it, then.

(ps, this is a travesty:
*** rattle: No such nick/channel
*** ilsundal: No such nick/channel
if anyone knows kurdt, new jersey circa 1996, make him email me. i never properly thanked him for turning me on to the bouncing souls, who i adore & have seen play twice - & they're coming back around this july. they put on a very sweaty & emotionally cleansing show. fuck, i love music.)
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