February 17th, 2004


more, more, more

if someone wants to prove their love for me, buy this & transfer it to mp3 for me. i don't have a record player &, as much as i love ed's, i can't justify buying one for a single 7". COME ON, SOMEONE! ANYONE! EVEN IF I HATE YOU, I WILL HATE YOU LESS IF YOU DO THIS FOR ME.

the new johnson & johnson's commercials about "having a baby changes everything" are exponentially more disturbing than if i were watching "have an abortion today because we're almost out of oxygen" ads. further unease comes from the fact of their advertising "www.baby.com" on each commercial - which seems perfectly acceptable until you make the connection that the dot-com suffix is used for COMPANIES. THE BABY COMPANY. as if we aren't producing enough new stupid humans each day. what an utterly unappealing thought.

in a similar vein, flintstones vitamins are still being marketed as the number one chewable vitamin or whatever, but how many kids today do you think could tell you which character is which? i mean, does anyone still watch the flintstones NOT out of a sense of nostalgia? (well, nostalgia, or to see the way outs perform. THAT'S WHERE THE FUN IS: WAY OUT.)

ok, so there's a cd burning trick, to mix data & audio, that i can't yet figure out how to accomplish in linux. apparently, cd players can only read the first session of a disc - so if you put a data track in a second session of an open disc & then close it, it's totally hidden to the audio player & you don't get the telltale blank track (or the BZZT track, depending on your player) that reveals the gay pron you hid on your 80s hair-metal ballad mix disc, as if we didn't know. but it seems with linux you have to tell the burner where EXACTLY to begin the second session & this has something to do with "cdrecord -msinfo" but i can't make it happen. comment/email if you can.

but really, mp3 the ERQ 7" for me, someone, please please!

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