March 2nd, 2004


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i have finished the cd ripping project after three weeks of endless disc-swapping. my entire cd collection (minus some interview cds, henry rollins's books-on-disc, this crazy island music cd i bought on a whim after eating some very good mahi mahi in the bahamas, & some other random worthless discs i can't get rid of) weighs in at 21.2G, 44.1kHz, 128kbs. had my math been closer in the beginning, i would've gone with 160 or 256kbs, but it hardly matters since the purpose of this collection is private listening & mix cds for friends, none of whom will notice the difference. (except sean, whose stupid audiophile ears will surely miss the registers only dogs & snakes can hear. bastard.)

anyhow, i've found an unexpected benefit of having my entire cd collection in mp3: the ability to "ls -R | grep -i keyword" & make instant setlists. (for the non-linux, this searches the entire directory structure for any song with the keyword in its title.) for example:

"ls -R | grep -i girl" for my mtf transsexual friend cora
"ls -R | grep -i fat" for my duodenal-switched friend kate
"ls -R | grep -i blood" for tom's goth-in-denial girl laura
"ls -R | grep -i stupid" for the majority of humanity


fun of another shade: watch for the new subway commercial about the atkins-friendly salads that're made fresh & all that junk. the voiceover says of them: "every bite more succulent than the next". of course, what they MEANT to say is "than the last" - what they're saying presently is that the salad gets crappier as you force your way through it. which may very well be the case, but you generally don't find that sort of truth in advertising.

"willy wonka & the chocolate factory" was on tv again last night. if someone can explain that movie to me, i'd appreciate it, 'cause i still don't understand & i feel deeply that i'm missing something critical. also if someone could explain why the "wonka wash" scene with all the screaming & upset & foam everywhere makes my pink parts tingle, as it has done since first saw the film at age nine, that'd be great too. thanks.

gene wilder in that movie is ...unpleasant & yet highly appealing at the same time. i think he reminds me of someone & i have no idea who.

well. actually.
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