April 1st, 2004


(no subject)

IRC log started Mon Mar 29 11:58:56 2004
<anonymous> this is getting ugly.
[lifelike] ?
<anonymous> okay.  she's going somewhere with her friend before school.
<anonymous> so she wants to "talk about it here", as in online.
[lifelike] hahaha
[lifelike] NO
<anonymous> i know... she's probably bawling already.
[lifelike] you should take her somewhere very public where she likes to hang
[lifelike] :D
<anonymous> hahahahahah
<anonymous> she doesn't hang out. she doesn't do anything.
[lifelike] do it at work then
[lifelike] that's the next best
[lifelike] just show up to her video store
[lifelike] like in the middle of her shift
<anonymous> hahah... rent a couple flicks and be like "oh yeah, it's over"
[lifelike] & be all "hey take a break, let's chat"
[lifelike] "by the way, your flood of tears & silent upset & complete lack of
           any ability to communicate whatsoever have irritated me beyond the
           point of being able to tolerate your hissyfits any longer. i don't
           want to be your ride anymore & i won't give you the chance to
           stand me up again after i drive an hour to get to your unabomber
           cabin in the woods. it's over. bye, weepy."
[lifelike] then go walk around the store for a half hour looking for two 
           movies to rent
[lifelike] & go through checkout with anyone but her, & don't even acknowledge 
[lifelike] PERFECTION.
<anonymous> you always impart the good shit.