April 11th, 2004


disjointed as usual

ok, so the cramps have a song called "sheena's in a goth gang", but the ramones have a song called "sheena is a punk rocker". what's the deal with sheena, man? make up your stupid mind.

saturday night, i was offered drugs on the mean streets of fort lauderdale by some old homeless-looking 50+yo woman who overheard me talking with gareth about how much i hate children. she started ranting semi-coherently about murdering all of them, then asked if i wanted to "do some lsd with [her]". i wasn't sure if she meant as her friend or off by myself somewhere, but i politely declined. she asked why not. i explained that i don't participate in drug use because i find it weak & escapist. this set her off on a slew of statements apparently designed to convince me into buying her lsd, starting with "but the buddah did drugs!" & "it's mind-expanding, everyone needs expanding", & concluding with a long thing about how important herbalists are to society & that some people go into the woods & eat herbs & it makes them heroes, something like that. oddly enough, i wasn't newly determined to buy acid off some woman who seems to consider it a plant.

the presumed lesbone neighbor mentioned her boyfriend the other day. yes, i believe you. she's decided to start paying me for my tech support, which is fine by me since she's asking about shit i learned in third grade & find incredibly wearing to teach. at least she's a quick study.

i posted pictures of my snake to rec.pets.herp for those who've interest in such things.
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& my star cuttings turned a month old on friday. more pics on BME soon.
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