April 15th, 2004


geek talk, lj drama, & a way your children MIGHT increase their chances of survival

today i purchased a refurbished epson stylus c82 from epson.com for $70. they gave me free shipping. i chose it because linuxprinting.org lists it as perfectly compatible with linux, & because it has individual color ink cartridges. hooray for efficiency. i am making a go with CUPS, & hopefully it'll magically work when i plug it in, because boy howdy i know shit about printers. here, i'll elaborate.

i've owned one printer in my life, a black & white laser okidata OL400. not even a 400e. i got it in 1991 when i was running dos 5.0 (& very occasionally windows 3.1) & printing almost exclusively from wordperfect 5.0. it weighed forty pounds & measured about 10x25x25". it lived through dos 6.0 & 6.2, os/2 TShell 2.0, & some slackware linux before it finally crapped out around 1996. the drum blew, & i was told it'd be around five hundred to replace. it hit the streets. since then, things i've needed to print have been printed at friends' places or at work.

but ahh, today i plunked down my seventy bucks & hopefully everything will behave nicely & gimp will print the lovely mix cd album covers i so artistically create (photos of many of these are on my site, behind the wall). anyhow, excitement.

also exciting is that i now own a community with a readership of 730+, modestmouse. the original maintainer was suspended for reasons separate from the community, & the community was suspended alongside. i was contacted: "As several users have expressed interest in this community remaining, we have reviewed it to find someone suitable to maintain the community. While it is currently suspended, we are inquiring to find out if you have any interest in becoming the community's new maintainer." which basically means: "dear lish, you are the smartest & greatest thing ever to grace this community. please own it." so i said yes. read the userinfo & you'll see i'm already peeing all over my new territory. & join if you like modest mouse, which you should, because they produce fucking incredible music. i'm happy to recommend mp3s to sample.

one final note for you: rollins "search & destroy" t-shirts are now available in INFANT & TODDLER SIZES. i hate kids & all, but man, even i might hesitate before smothering one if it were wearing a SEARCH & DESTROY T-SHIRT. click here if you have children you think should be spared my wrath.
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