April 25th, 2004


this is from five hours earlier, kate

(allow me to write a preface to the following paragraph: an explanation so as to forestall the "pulp fiction" references. linux, being the yummy free operating system it is, has lots of yummy free softwarez which are generally equal to or superior than their hugely expensive microsoft et.al counterparts. there is a free adobe photoshop clone called "the gimp". it fucking rocks. it has a stupid name. continuing on...)

my very favorite thing in the gimp is the ability to clone patterning.

(allow me to write a postface to the previous paragraph: no explanation whatsoever as to what "clone patterning" is. but seriously, it rules.)

so, the printer is fucking annoying. i decided to install it via usb instead of parallel through the external zip. (i wasn't previously aware that linux had finished figuring out usb - obviously the "usb support" submenu in the kernel config was no hint at all - but my friend phil smacked me smart about it. duh.) that part works just fine. but though it turns out the epson i bought is linuxprinting.org's number one recommendation ("Epson's best inkjet for general Linux use is Epson's Stylus C82"), there isn't a specific driver for it & though it's beautiful with black text, it's printing color as if i bought it for the same price in 1997. bitch. anyone who has familiarity with CUPS/foomatic/gimp-print* who wants to take a stab at fixing this fucking thing & earning my hard-won admiration, do comment.

the good news is i was given an unused rotary paper cutter by the office next to ours, which is the other tool besides a printer that i really use in the creation of said album covers. so i've been using it to make text-based cd covers with ascii art, which are kind of neat. it's the little things that bring me the most joy. well, the little things & the suffering of others. ahhh, human suffering.

ok, geek segment over.

elton john had a concert on pbs last week. i like his very old songs, but that's about it. but i got to thinking: do you think elton john's boyfriend ever just lays back & says to himself, "man, i have elton john sucking my dick." 'cause i'd think he'd have to at some point. no matter how much love this guy may have for elton or how sweet they might be to each other, there has to come a point where he thinks, "elton john is all OVER my cock. how surreal."

& on tv: one reason "king of the hill" is such a great show is that there's absolutely no reason it needs to be animated. nothing has ever happened on that show that couldn't be portrayed by non-computer-effected actors, with the possible exception of the characters each wearing the same clothes every day. ok, & no one ages either, which is what makes it just one step inferior to "for better or for worse".

man, "for better or for worse" is a fucked up comic. when's one of them going to kick off, anyhow?

for the modest mouse fans who read my lj but don't happen to read modestmouse, i & a friend have released a bootleg. see this for details.

(postface really is a word.)
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