April 29th, 2004


the real question is: why am i in love with a keyboard?

in 1996, i walked into a small computer repair shop in central illinois, looking to buy a monitor-sharing switchbox. while i was there, i ran into the IBM PS/1 model M2 keyboard, part number 1395300 (scroll down - the top image is the model M). i didn't have all that information then; all i knew was it was lighter & smaller than the steel PS/2 keyboard i'd been using (which i took from my high school after my first keyboard died in an iced tea incident incited by dead cheese) & still had the loud, clacky, nothing-mushy-about-them keys. i bought it for about six bucks, & it quickly became my favorite keyboard ever.

it started having problems in 2000, when it turned sixteen years old. it worked reasonably well but would occasionally require a sharp slap on the left end to get the left home-row working again. i scoured the internet for a replacement & wept bitter tears at its inevitable upcoming demise.

i've gone through two other M2s now, both which were promised to be working flawlessly. the one that came from a company was put together astoundingly poorly, fully reconfigured hardware-wise by me (& for my efforts, i got them to refund my money entirely, including shipping), & worked well enough if i didn't move it from its position on my desk... which was highly irritating to me, since my most comfortable typing position is with a keyboard on my lap. the other came off ebay, cost ten bucks including shipping (though the guy spent $12 ON shipping) & when i disassembled it to find out why half the keys weren't working, i found what appeared to be ten year old chocolate milkshake crusted into the plastic. (for those wondering, it smelled acrid.) considering the shipping & how sad the guy was when i emailed him that the keyboard wasn't working, i didn't bother asking for my ten bucks back.

but lo, i have finally found another company that had one of my boards in stock, listed as perfectly functional, & as it arrived today, i have discovered that IT IS! & so i have another five or six years of happy clackity typing ahead of me on my favorite of the Buckling Spring Technology keyboards.

less absurd recent happenings:

i went to boomer's with gareth last week. collectively, we won 170-some tickets, & traded them in for... 44 plastic frogs. we've been going around town frogging things - sticking them on windshields, in apartment doors, in mailboxes, handing them out to random strangers, et cetera. kate got a bunch.

wait. that wasn't really less absurd. let's try again.

gareth & i were in a parking garage in west palm last night after the fountains of wayne concert at sunfest, & i saw a gallon zephyrhills water jug ONE THIRD FULL of PEE. i started cracking up & pointing it out to anyone within earshot. those within earshot, i later learned when gareth stopped choking laughter, were all searching for their lost little boy. no wonder they didn't seem to appreciate my exclamations of "HOLY CRAP, IT'S PEE! THAT JUG IS A THIRD FULL of PEE!#!@! DID YOU SEE IT? DID YOU SEE ALL THAT PEE?@#!?!$"

stupid children, ruining all my foamy yellow fun.

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