May 17th, 2004


the candy necklace is the abacus of the sugar world.

holy fuck. for those who've never seen my cd collection, i'm a total completionist. this is a word i coined a while back to express the fact that whenever i get into a band - & i mean really into them - i have a drive to own EVERY SONG THEY'VE EVER RECORDED, songs they HAVEN'T officially recorded, & as much live crap as i can get my paws on. i'm not overly interested in posters/pictures/tshirts/whatever, just the music. i usually last with a band for three or four years before finding my way into a new one, but that time period is determined by when i've finished collecting everything of note & when i find another band that so claims my interest, in that order.

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i explain this because my current band of focus is modest mouse. it's been a couple years now for me, & they've just released an incredible new album, so i'm very strongly into them at present. constant readers know i own the modestmouse community, too. but further fueling my insane desires is that i found eleven - ELEVEN - full live shows in mp3 online this week. i downloaded them to my t1 account immediately, of course, & have been pulling them through the slow connection to my home machine every time i have free bandwidth. i've four shows yet to download, catalogue, properly id3 tag, burn to mp3 disc, copy, uncompress, & burn to audio cd.

that's right.

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so i'm a pretty happy lish. it really doesn't take much.

unrelated to music, i was looking through some old zipfiles the other day, & i found a help text on pkzip. it was so oddly company-interactive that i thought i should post it.

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now: ponies, please.
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