May 31st, 2004


note to self: stop frying foods while naked.

who wants to hear a story? it's not about being naked. unfortunately.

in mid-2000 in chicago, i saw the catherine wheel play. it was my fourth time seeing them (& is in all likelihood the last - they've been unofficially broken up for several years now). as usual, i'm right up front & am singing every word along with the band. they break into "sparks are gonna fly", which opens the new album released only a week previous. it has some of their fastest lyrics, & no one in the audience seems to know it except for me. rob dickinson, the vocalist, glances at me a couple of times. then, seeing i'm keeping up with him in lyrics, he actually turned a step, FACED ME, & we sang an entire stanza eye-to-eye. then i winked at him & he smiled & turned back to the crowd. it was pretty fucking hot.

immediately after rob turned back to the crowd, my friend dave yelled in my ear, "oh my g-d, did that just happen?!" dave seemed to look at me a little differently after that.

i'm reminded of this because i'm finally seeing the catherine wheel's music videos for the first time, thanks to lewis slade & the long-standing texture-l mailing list. (texture also put out inexpensive tshirts to its list members in 1996, & these shirts have served as permanent backstage passes to every CW show. nice.) anyhow, the first videos came out in 1991, & many of them i'd missed seeing over the years. i realized while watching them that it's taken me THIRTEEN YEARS to see the videos made by a band i've always loved - that's MORE THAN HALF MY LIFE i've been waiting on these. wild. (thanks go also to gareth for converting them from wma to dvd for me - if i had to wait until i had a windows machine running to watch them, i may as well have given up for good.)

anyhow. rob dickinson is teh sex, but it's still strange to watch someone age in chunks through eleven videos spanning nine years.