July 4th, 2004


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there was a nine pm exhibition of fireworks scheduled tonight & i decided i was going. i hadn't seen a real display in at least several years.

so at seven & a half pm i drove down to the beach. for a half hour, i drove around trying to find parking. eventually i stopped looking for legal parking & started looking for anything my car would fit into where i could probably see some of the show, having at that point decided i didn't care about being on the beach itself. at eight twenty, i was still looking for ANY place to park. i was, for the third time, about to give up.

i took one more spin through the streets closest to beach access, & wouldn't you know my parking luck kicked in. actually, i had to burn a little karma to get the spot i did - i parked directly in front of the main beach access, not ten feet left of the very epicenter of the display down on the beach.

that is, i parked there after i frightened off three teen girls. i saw the spot, i pulled halfway in, then i saw girls. they started waving me away, yelling, "this is saved!" i laughed (which was apparently fairly frightening) & started inching my car towards them. some dude walking nearby called out to them, "you can't save a spot! where's your car, huh?" two of the girls bailed. one was left, facing away from me, being brave for someone or other. i inched further & heard her friends yell, "she's gonna hit you!" which of course i had no intention of doing. but i DID want her to feel the heat of my car on her calves. eventually she realized that i wasn't going to pull out even if her friends got there, & she walked away.

they stayed within a few feet of my car, sitting on the beach wall & not looking at me. i'm guessing they were plotting to let the air out of my tires or perform some other act of "whatever we can do to her car with what we currently have on our persons", but that was fine since i had no interest in leaving my car. i pulled a comforter out of the trunk, spread it on the roof, & climbed on up with my mp3 player. the girls' boyfriends or whatever finally showed up & they split.

forty minutes of fireworks passed while i listened to the live show from the catherine wheel that i'd mentioned - i'd just finished downloading it this afternoon. (it was posted to the illustrious texture-l list - email me if you want the link (that's mostly to rj & tim, i'd guess).) rob dickinson sounded as amazing & as beautiful as i remembered him live, streaming loudly through my headphones. the weather was perfect, warm but with the constant cool ocean breeze. my view of the sky was utterly unobstructed, & laying there on the roof of my car, it was easy to believe that no one existed there except for me.

which is just how i like it.

the moral is twofold: a) anyone who says you need another person in your life to be happy simply isn't happy with themselves. & 2) if you're going to save a parking spot, you have to stand at the very END of it so no one can bully you out.

addendum: i saw a second outstanding license plate tonight. a few months ago, i spotted ON ALL4S in a parking lot. tonight i found myself driving behind RUB1OUT. i want to be their friend.