July 12th, 2004


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i always confuse tia carrere with asia carrera.

drew bought me dinner from thirteen hundred miles away a few days ago by paypal'ing me $20. how fucking cool was that. we ate oh-so much sushi together-not-really.

speaking of foods i love oh-so much, rainier cherries are back in season. rainiers are about the size of a large bing (sweet) cherry, but they're yellow & pink instead of deep red. they taste AMAZING & have a slightly more appealing texture to them. they're my favorite fruit. publix presently has one pound containers for three bucks, & i bought NINE DOLLARS' WORTH. omg overdose mmmmmm. go try some posthaste if you never have.

also: i really, really want to hang out with ken jennings. he may be a mormon & probably against most of the things i stand for (ie we know i am pro-abortion), but hey, we have insane amounts of trivial knowledge & NOT DRINKING ALCOHOL in common! isn't that enough? ken, if you ever do a google search on yourself & run into my lj here, please email me & let's be friends. i promise to not try to steal you away from your wife even though you're adorable. you just really seem to enjoy playing jeopardy, which is a nice change from the nervous, uptight, typical smart guys that usually play.

anyhow, in lieu of friendship with ken, i am off to consume a pound of cherries. I EAT & EAT BUT I NEVER GET FAT. WOE.
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