July 19th, 2004


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this week, i am enjoying the best mangoes ever. did i mention i love florida summer for the fruit? 'cause i do. it's fucking hot here from june through august, but man is there some good food just out there growin' on trees. case in point, a friend of a coworker has a hayden mango tree in her yard, & she brought us a bucket full of 'em. they're enormous - seriously, i can barely palm one. delicious.

the annoying irritation part of this week was the usb pen drive debacle. i think only phil knows the whole story, because it is boring & uninteresting & also boring. but suffice it to say, do NOT order ANYTHING from imagestore.us, & tell your friends the same. their prices are the best because their quality, customer support, & general intelligence level is THE WORST. i've never dealt with a more incompetent bunch of monkeys. please feel more than free to email epithets, horrible jpegs, core files, et cetera, to the owner at charlie@imagestore.us. he hasn't responded at all to my attempts at communication. & while you're at it, go ahead & cc all that crap to eric@imagestore.us, the chimp who is apparently first in command.

angst aside, i have a good 256M pen drive now & i am happy. i'm odd about shopping - i won't buy a single thing aside from food & gas & such for months, & then i splurge on a bunch of stuff. for example, in the past couple weeks i've purchased plane fare, hotel accomodations & car rental for the missouri trip next month (NO DETAILS FOR YOU), four cds, a bikini top, a very cool leather cuff made by this guy (great quality, great prices, custom work - go look), a couple tank tops, two (grr) usb drives & an extension cable, & i'll likely be picking up a new queen pillowtop mattress in the next few days. but this is all fine by my budget, 'cause the last time i bought anything was in march. even when i splurge, i'm responsible.

speaking of responsibility, is it wrong to drink directly from the brita pitcher? i'm such a bachelor.

ps. i found out another of my exes is now fat. that makes seven.
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