August 1st, 2004


torrential florida rain is truly awesome.

there's something i did. or rather, something i am in the process of doing. it registers about a 4 on the "really bad things" scale. (everything below 5 falls under "justified in the eyes of a stranger".) i'm not going to tell you about it. but i wanted you all to know i did something. *giggle* *tee-hee* *choke*


so, as i said was likely to happen, i did buy a new mattress. it's a simmons beautyrest, queen size, & the pillowtop is oh-so fluffy. you want to come have sex with me JUST so you have an excuse to spend the night on it. oh yes, you do. the next step is to have my friend at work finish building my raised platform bedframe. fuck yeah it's gonna rule when we're done. now one of you anonymous lj-readers (don't think i don't know) ought to have some pony sheets sent to my door in celebration. my address is in the book!

the bourne supremacy was, infuriatingly, filmed in BlairWitch-O-Vision. bring your dramamine.

& it pisses me off something fierce that we're expected to sit through normal tv-shown commercials before the previews at movies. it's fucking lame. what WOULDN'T piss me off would be if they'd show superbowl-style commercials at movies. the really creative, innovative, expensive commercials you only really see once a year - for THAT i wouldn't mind being a captive audience. come on, i'm sure SOMEONE who controls things like this reads my lj on a regular basis. i expect muvico to comply with my orders within two months. WAITING IMPATIENTLY HERE.


dear ken,

i saw you on leno & very nearly peed myself when you referred to your extended game show appearances as "tantric jeopardy". thank you for that. i can't wait until september finds you on my tv again.

i have also realized that i can be your girlfriend & your wife can't get upset about it, 'cause your religion says HAREMS ARE A-OKAY. i'll be waiting!


& an open letter to the rest of you:

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