August 8th, 2004


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-> [swissphil] i'll always be your friend. you sent me your teeth!
[swissphil] you would make a good religion
[swissphil] you have oracle properties
[swissphil] and i like sending you human sacrifices

the xgames this year have made me aware of a tire company called kumho. KUMHO. now, i know it's pronounced KOO-moe, but, uh, sure looks like semen whore to me. i should like to take this opportunity to also make non-floridians aware that we have a furniture company here named badcock. OOH, THAT'S A BAD, BAD COCK. how could they not realize?

so it's SALAD WEEK at lish's place. every few months i get sick of eating semi-crappily from places within a two mile radius of my office, & i buy up a bunch of vegetables & spend an hour chopping everything & making up big ziploc bags of HEALTHY LUNCH. my resolve usually peters out around day four as the spinach gets wilty & everything starts to leave that weird milky vegetable water at the bottom of the bag, but for a few days, it's very tasty & a nice change.

on that line, ken's steakhouse lite sweet vidalia onion salad dressing is really damned good. no, i didn't buy it because of my UNREQUITED LUV for ken jennings; i like their lite raspberry walnut vinaigrette too. i do, however, wish they'd learn to spell "light". perhaps i should boycott all companies who refuse to spell properly. STARTING WITH YOU, PLAYSKOOL.

a geek note of confusion for those uninterested in vegetables: running mp3check -e (which error-checks mp3 files, as you may have guessed) on any file that ISN'T an mp3 returns the following:

not an audio mpeg stream
fucking1 start < 0

& using other commandline parameters returns different, er, values for "fucking", including "fucking4(main) start < 0" & "fucking errcheck = 0". how bizarre. of course i emailed the program's coder to inquire about this absurdity, but i haven't yet heard back.

it's been a slow week. i attack missouri in nineteen days. there, i wrote something, now get away from me.