August 31st, 2004


many levels of burning

i'm quite happy with the new nexium commercials where foods turn into horrifying non-food items. the idea is that normal foodstuffs like spaghetti, orange juice, & gravy can cause such painful acid reflux that representing them with barbed wire, foaming green acid, & metal pushpins, respectively, is realistic. that's fine & good, it's semi-creative advertising & all, but what i like is actually picturing these people consuming razor wire, acid, & tacks. mmmmm imagine what it'd do to a person if she ate half a spool of barbed wire, & left the tail of it sticking out of her mouth, & you gave it a nice firm pull. or take someone who'd just consumed six boxes of metal pushpins, & kick her in the stomach a few times. pop pop pop. fun.

the missouri trip went off spectacularly. i sat like a fucking champ for seven & a half hours of tattooing (not including breaks). those assholes desiring to see what we did can go the usual email-&-beg route.

now, i think i've previously participated in only one livejournal MEEEM, IT'S PRONOUNCED MEEM YOU IDIOTS, but this one is of interest to me. so:

Post a (real) memory of me.
It can be anything you want.
Then post this to your journal.
See what people remember of you.

(of course i don't care if you finish the second half.)

ok, off you go.
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