October 18th, 2004


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it's surprising how many things at crate & barrel fit my style. color me domestic, but i'm saving up for this very stabby looking flatware, & i bought this pitcher last week. the photo is sort of weak, but the handle is a hole blown through the glass, so liquid can go through it. everyone is hereby invited to my house to drink things from my neat pitcher. (yeah, i said "things". you be careful, now.)

towards the other end of the brilliant spectrum that is lish, this is the funniest fucking thing i've seen in ages. OK! WHO WANTS TO BUY ME ISAAC'S SKIN? i'm looking at you, spope... but only because you've been such an avid participant in adding to Collapse ) in the past. ps my birthday is about to roll around again!@! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HERE IS SOME BIOHAZARD.

i made a white spot at the tail of my mohawk. pictures are on my site, behind the wall. (& that link does not take you behind the wall.)

that's all i'm telling about this week. off you go.
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    dropkick murphys, "the dirty glass"