October 20th, 2004


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it started pouring rain tonight out of nowhere, & i just made it to my car in time to avoid being thoroughly soaked. & i just made it onto oakland park boulevard in time to see everyone in front of me stop incredibly short. & my brakes locked, & i slid into the guy in front of me. had that been it, we probably wouldn't've even made a claim, because there was no real damage off it - but then the dope behind me crashed on into my car, my hood crumpled, & dude-behind-me's hood crumpled & everything began to truly suck.

so, thus followed an hour of of standing in the rain playing swap-the-cellphone as our respective insurance companies requested information from each primary driver & the two other involved parties. it took the cops two hours past that to show, & the tow truck another half hour later. my car started fine, & seemed to run fine, but i didn't want to risk driving it home when the engine had been all compressed by 25%.

silver linings: we all have insurance; no one was injured; the damage seems relatively minor, considering; my insurance will cover my towing & my rental car & everything except the 5C deductible. if my insurance goes up from this, it'll only be by 10% because i won my way into the state farm gold star program or some such thing for being a careful female driver over twenty-five. & the cops quickly declared it a weather incident & awarded no tickets. so, as always, it could've been much worse.

but it's still a pain & an expense i don't want to afford & blah blah DEAR EVERYONE, SEND SYMPATHY NOW. THANKS LUV LISH