October 24th, 2004


this had better hold you for a while.

-> [Quarex] [swisspope] your car got smashed up huh
-> [Quarex] -> [swisspope] that's the story
-> [Quarex] [swisspope] that is too bad
-> [Quarex] -> [swisspope] yes, your most generic of all sympathetic comments
is indeed accurate.
[Quarex] Hahahahahhahahah
[Quarex] Phil has failed the Turing test.
-> [Quarex] that sounds familiar but i don't know what it means
[Quarex] That is the way to determine if an AI is realistic enough to pass for
human via chat.
-> [Quarex] hahaha

today i voted early. you can all guess who i picked for president. & i voted for myself for united states senator. i wonder if the pay's any good. (speaking of work, if anyone unconnected with my office wants to hear about the new BUT SECRET way my boss has again proved she's the most amazing & wonderful boss ever, email.) but anyway, if you don't care about voting for US senator, you should definitely write in "lish daelnar". let's see if i can get my name on the news for the thousandth time.

so i've never bothered with these before, but i thought this one was interesting in its span, so i filled it out.
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