November 14th, 2004


stories: lish the mechanic; a horrifying google search

far from updates about my keyboard or printer, this week i've been working on my car. the previous owner had a front license plate, & this state doesn't require them, so i've been doing the tiniest amount of body work ever, just to fill in the holes. it's turned into quite a project; fixing a hole in a bumper, i've found, isn't like laying a bit of spackle on your mom's wall when you took down that framed poster of NKOTB.

first i had to sand off the paint an inch around the holes (& around the giant dent the guy made putting the plate on). then i removed the clearcoat with lacquer thinner, & applied a first pass of bondo. two additional passes were needed to get the left side feeling smooth & even, & each pass had to be sanded & cleaned with lacquer thinner. (the right side only needed two total.) then i taped off the areas, using saran wrap & masking tape to protect the rest of the car from aerosol primer blowback, & i needed four coats to make the brownish-nasty bondo disappear. the primer had to be sanded, too, & then cleaned with water. tomorrow i'm laying on three or more coats of white mazda paint, & a clearcoat touchup, & then i'm done. all because ditzboy put a plate right on the nose of my car, instead of hidden away nicely like this one.

of course, i didn't know that regular body bondo wouldn't work, so i started with the wrong stuff & had to scrape it all off & start over with fiberglass (plastics) bondo. & then i used gray primer on my white car 'cause the dumb guy at discount auto supply didn't know they made white primer (& yes, i'm equally dumb because i didn't know either, but it's not my job to know, so screw you). so i had to scrub off all the gray with more lacquer thinner & redo it in white. but overall, things have gone pretty well; very well considering i really have no idea what i'm doing.

but in my studies, i also learned that those ugly-assed bright yellow airbag warning stickers on the sun visors can be removed completely with lacquer thinner, a hair dryer, & a little shoe polish. so i worked on that while the various coats of bondo were setting, & i'm quite happy indeed. funny, the stickers didn't bother me until i learned i could remove them.

& a special treat for those uninterested in car crap but are reading anyhow because i am fascinating: i found out via my refer.log that one of my texts comes up third in this horrifying google search. go on, click it! (yes, that means Collapse ) actually RAN that search. i do not know why or what they were looking for, but wow.)

ok. dear everyone except my wonderful brother: don't forget my birthday. !!@! OMG SO OBNOXIOUS YEP

(update: HOLY FUCK i now come up FIRST in the horrifying google search. GREAT!)