November 24th, 2004


two things that don't matter & one big thing that does

you can turn "wheel of fortune" into the toughest anagram game ever by listening to it on the radio.

i recently received an 872k jpeg of a perrier bottle in a .fr guy's ass. i'm pretty sure this has something to do with a text i wrote for bme, as people tend to misunderstand my connection with bme & think that i have anything to do with submissions. FUN.

i've really been wanting to grow my dreads back lately. it's been three years & a couple weeks since i cut them off in california, & it might be time for them to come back. to that end, two things: one, i've been looking into buying a wig, because i know locks won't go over at work, & i still love my job more than enough to make minor sacrifices for it. i've never worn a wig & i'm not sure how or if it would work to hide a dreadlocked mohawk - experienced comments are welcome (i'm looking especially at you, saram).

& two, i turned the white spot at the nape of my neck into two dreads today. oddly enough, the white hair is hidden better IN locks than loose, so i don't expect my boss to notice. hopefully this will sort of tide me over, if anyone can understand that feeling. knotting them up this afternoon, i realized how much i have thoroughly missed this feeling. all of it - ratting my hair to let it do its own natural thing, the sweet honey smell of the beeswax i used last time to help the initial knots form (before i knew any better! don't use wax!), the tea tree & rosemary shampoo which opens sinuses & leaves hair clean & healthy without slick conditioning.

i wore dreads for nearly five years, & truly loved them. a couple of photos are here & here for those who didn't know me then. when i cut them, i did so because it was time for me to have short hair, not for a job or a guy or any other pseudo-reason. & giving further encouragement to me is the fact that i'd be starting as an expert this time around, instead of having to learn everything as i go along - there was hardly anything on the internet about starting dreadlocks in 1997 when i began. & proof positive, the two locks at the base of my neck, though only a few hours old, look better than my first set after a year.

it's tough for me to restrain myself when it comes to my creativity & self-expression. i feel that "who i am" has dreadlocks. it's difficult to not match. no worries if you don't "get" this - i'm pretty sure this feeling cannot be understood through explanation alone.