December 10th, 2004


the deal is done

this was our busiest week of our busiest month. i've been at work more this week than i've been at home, including time spent sleeping. the apex is two days of events for our clients, culminating in our holiday staff yacht party which takes us up & down the intercoastal. it's the same general layout every year: on wednesday evening, everything must be perfect. thursday has us running around crazed during the day's special festivities, & there is another perfect event at night. & on friday each year on this week, we all stagger into work sleep-deprived, exhausted & happy, some vaguely hung-over, & we breathe constant sighs of relief for another successful year.

so obviously, friday was the day i chose to wear my hat into work for the first time. play the odds, baby.

as i mentioned, i'd promised my boss to show her how i'd look before i did anything. i was much less nervous about this after receiving my hat (i'd ordered two, but the black one's on backorder) & trying it on & seeing how damned cute i actually DID look. i wear forelocks & bangs with my mohawk (which can be seen here), & the hat i bought sits just at the line of my bangs & behind my ears - it perfectly hides my 'hawk & the shaved sides, & actually makes it look like i have a WHOLE head of hair hidden under there.

clients were complimenting it, the boss's daughter (who also works with us) said, not knowing why i was wearing a hat, that it looked great. when my boss came in an hour later, her immediate reaction was, "it's cute! i like it." which is exactly what i was hoping for.

so i spent a hundred bucks at (one, navy; two, black; three, olive; four, b&w; five, burgundy, & without the stupid fucking rosette) & i'm currently sitting here with most of a head full of bleach - everything except the sides (which i hate to dye) & the visible parts (bangs & forelocks). the idea is to lighten up the red with black streaks just enough so that i can redye red & black per dread after they're made instead of having locks that come out mixed & then wind up with a solid colored root as i decide which become what color. (yeah, we all know by now that i'm type A.) also, the bleaching will help the hair to lose some glossiness & will make it easier to knot.

i'm so fucking happy about this. thanks again to everyone who helped me find a workaround/compromise/magic solution.

next post: back to the usual semi-meaningless pseudo-drivel.