December 23rd, 2004


& you should see how cute my hair is, too.

<wm> yer gonna be on for a bit?
<wm> I have to work
<wm> make wads of dough
<wm> buy my happiness
<lish> go make your dough
<wm> yup
<wm> ciao baby
<lish> & i'll make you bag lunches of leftover potroast & i'll write porn
stories about us on your napkins
<lish> & i'll make sure you get the good kind of ice thing in your lunch & 
not the kind that leaks blue shit all over the place so your juice box will
stay cold
<lish> & every day i'll wake up with you & put on the shirt you wore the
day before & see you to the door & you'll have to fight your boner to leave 
for work every day
<wm> uhm
<wm> I dont 9 to 5
<lish> stop ruining my nice typing
<wm> if I want to stay home and fuck my hot little girl all morning
<lish> haha
<wm> I will
<wm> and nobody will say shit to me
<lish> yeah but come on, that was awesome
<wm> you had me at juice box