August 29th, 2005


trip 3 of 4 - chicago: complete

results of this week:
cleaned up dreads on ellen: click
seriously cleaned up dreads on chrissy: click, click, click
started new dreads on jenna: click, click
dyed dreads on krys: click

as i mentioned, i had a lot of work to do in illinois. as you can see from the multitude of links above, it all went very fucking nicely, thanks. here is a link to the post i made on gudu with still more pics, & i'll update this post if anyone has occasion to post even MORE crap about the trip.

so the biggest deal of this vacation, as i mentioned further down in the post i just referenced, was surprising elizabeth. it went basically as i laid out in that post, except that her husband geoff couldn't get off work, so the plan changed slightly, & for the better.

chris, drew & i arrived at elizabeth's restaurant twenty minutes before she was due in. i sat at the barstool nearest the door she'd be coming through, with my back to it. since elizabeth didn't know him, chris sat next to me, facing the door, to act as the "ok here she comes" warning. drew was slyly hidden behind a newspaper. what i sincerely hoped would happen within elizabeth's mind (in the space of a second or two) was:

"gee, that girl has dreads like lish. huh. she's fine-boned & pale like lish. she... has tattoos like... it couldn't be... it IS LISH! *spaz*"

& in discussion with my beautiful girl later, i discovered that's pretty much exactly what did go through her mind. :D chris muttered a subtle "i think that's her" & looked away, & from the peripheral vision on my left i saw elizabeth snaking her head around with the most incredulous of looks on her face, but mixed with the reticence of "if this is some other girl, i am going to look like a complete retard". & i looked over, & her jaw dropped, & she grabbed me & carried me around the restaurant a while. i was choking laughter at having pulled this off so successfully, & elizabeth was bawling the happiest of tears all over the place.

after full minutes, she calmed down a bit & jokingly called out to her boss, "now i need the day off!" to which i responded, "you already HAVE the day off!" & then elizabeth noticed that another waitress had already started prepping tables & such. her boss was so in on it that he'd actually written in a reservation for elizabeth to make doubly certain she'd be to work on time. geoff rules for so many reasons, but specifically for helping me to pull this on his lovely wife. we spent much of thursday & friday hanging out & doing dopey stuff like thrift shopping & listening to cds at her place.

of note: having a customized license plate of a certain pattern (ie six letters & a number, five letters & two numbers, whatever) in illinois costs the same as getting a regular plate, so there are vanity plates EVERYWHERE. on friday, we passed "GTFOTW 1", & it took me about four seconds to realize this probably stands for "get the fuck out the way". werd.

& from the "it figures" department - the returning flight showed which movie? gah.

anyhow, thanks to chris for going with & helping to make an awesome trip even better, & to drew especially for taking such good care of us & taxiing us around, & to phil for hosting yet another great lishparty.

phew. off to california soon.