October 30th, 2005



sorry for my net.absence, i got a little hit by a hurricane.

sic737's family took in orphan lish. they were super prepared for this thing - big ol' generator to keep the fridges going & provide evening tv, pork loin & steaks & salmon steaks on the propane grill, gas heat for hot showers... hell, we made real s'mores two nights in a row. hurricane = party over at chris's place.

i kept hearing that 50% of the 2.5 million people without power would have it returned by november 8th, & the rest of us by november 22nd, a day after my birthday. fortunately (& obviously) my building is one of the first restored - we lost power monday morning but got it back thursday night. so yay for that, sir.

a couple particularly good hurricane pics are on my latest gudu post here - the first photo is worth the click even if you don't care about my hair.

best part of the hurricane: the nasty black olive tree that would drip its nasty black olive slop on my nice white car after every rainstorm is the tree in the third pic. :D

thanks to everyone who cared enough to email/call, which isn't most of you.