February 23rd, 2006


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spring is becoming as ridiculous a time for Visits to Lish as last summer was for Lish Visiting Everywhere in the US. witness:

february: interstates amtraks down to tool around & have her silly earlobes stretched some more (tampa), starwind95 joins to have his cartilage punched at 2mm & work done on his dreads (west palm); also may be piercing wally's lobes & dyeing some of maribel's hair (both from my office)
march: iphise escapes the inevitable blizzard, gets tattooed, & i'm punching her cartilage at 5mm after we go SNORKELING (colorado)
april: notpip, who i haven't seen in over six years, flies down to find a challenge for his "altered beast" skills & wander town aimlessly (massachusetts)
may: my crazy german doctor friend nina hangs out for a weekend on her way to some orlando conference for crazy german doctors (germany!)

there may also be a few people from get_up_dread_up coming down for maintenance &/or having their locks started. the february event is this weekend, so it should be a blast. & what did lish do LAST weekend?

compunction:/home/crank# apt-get install atari800 dgen fceu nestra zsnes xmess-x

testing4l was right: 2.6 is rad. udev is rad. but he was wrong about there not being a fantastic sega emulator for linux. & thus the $9 target purchase of a usb gamepad (PSX style) has totally paid off. i AM going to get through sonic the hedgehog with all the chaos emeralds, damnit.

ok, that's all you get.

oh, & this: hahahahaha.