August 29th, 2006


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ok. the dsl is dead. i got qwest to leave the $75 credit & back off ALL the dsl charges, so if i don't order dsl from them when i move, i'll still have a free phone line for the next six months. so that makes my wallet happy, but it makes my computer very sad. it's like someone told my computer it would have really amazing sex, but all it got was a dry handjob with rings on.

the most mood-altering event as of late was my going out & purchasing a bunch of tickets for upcoming concert dates. THAT stokes me more than pretty much anything. i went & saw rob dickinson (formerly of the catherine wheel) last week, & since i've mentioned him here before, i may as well share the write-up i did for the CW mailing list. Collapse ) this show was particularly of interest to me because rob had shown up in florida, playing a venue down the street from me... exactly ONE DAY after i packed up to move to seattle, where he had already played several dates. so i'd messaged rob this info on myspace & proclaimed that i'm officially angry at him. the response: "rob says he's sorry." heh. so i figured that this show was pretty much set up FOR ME, since there's no real reason he would've been playing seattle AGAIN, especially just a few weeks after hitting south florida. anyhow, it was excellent, as you may or may not have read in my write-up.

i also have procured tickets for NoMeansNo in september, & both bouncing souls dates in october - notpip will be accompanying me to the souls. & i'm soon going out to buy tickets for the upcoming yo la tengo & dropkick murphys shows, too. all of this makes me very, very happy. (ironically, flogging molly is doing three florida dates, one of them down the block from my old apartment, but are only coming as close as five hours from seattle. dear flogging molly, what the hell?)

so i'm a happier lish since regaining stable internet (despite it being dialup), a shower curtain, & a fistful of concert tickets. plus i spent the entire weekend relaxing at my boss's country house in olympia, eating wild blackberries & reading a novel while my friends worked their asses off to paint the place. so that helped, too. :D