November 30th, 2006


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i was just outside cleaning my car of the 4" of snow it was under. what the fuck, seattle? it rarely gets below freezing here, rarer still is there snow, yet pretty much as soon as i move in, the city plays "hey, lish is here - let's break all the cold & ice & snow records for the past twenty years." but it's not currently too cold out, considering, & there's a lot of melting sounds happening, so that's something. it's still supposed to be like 4 tomorrow though, so i figured it was better to clean off my car before it turns into a miatacicle.

so, my birthday was a week & a half ago. it went far, far better than the year previous. apparently, people are better motivated by guilt than reciprocation; but, be that as it may, if it may, my birthday was fantastic. highlights follow:

  • chris gave me the most wonderful of practical gifts - an electric blanket. actually, he gave it to me in october when it started getting cold, which is a hallmark of a true friend. (look, i just spent five years being spoiled by florida, ok? despite twenty-some years in philly & chicago, my blood isn't nearly thick enough to handle wet fifty degree weather right now.)

  • my secret girly admirer did some lovely secret girly admirer things. she is one of the best pseudo-stalkers i've ever had; best meaning lots of ego-catering &, as of yet, nothing stabby.

  • my brother fucking rules. srsly.

  • jessie (coworker & very cool friend) baked me THIS, OMG. OMG, THIS. holy crap. of course, we ate its face. i got the nose. also of note & also blamed on jessie: see napkins. not pictured: hats. yes, there were MATCHING HATS.

  • we basically hung out at my boss's place all night & watched movies after a long day of them all being insane at work with silly birthday glee. chris cooked a very tasty dinner for the four of us, & i came home to find still more acknowledgements & presents (!) in my inbox. i don't think i've ever been so gifted on a birthday as i was this year - all i ever ask for is a quick HBD mail - but i guess my friends were feeling generous &/or appreciated me a bit more than usual for whatever reason.

    so that's that. thanks, everyone. now i'm off to install my new $27 dvd burner since my old one is being flaky, & play with my new 2G pen drive which cost ten bucks (sigh to the 256M i bought for $60 a few years ago), & watch movies on my new 19" lcd monitor which was $110 after rebates. the point here is that is kicking extra ass lately. just like me.
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