January 2nd, 2009


tough love wins again

so the married-too-soon friend referenced in this post has come back around. she's divorced now. she sent me an email on myspace apologizing for the past year, & saying she'll be staying at her mother's place for a while to get her shit together. she asked to come hang out with us when her head is right again, & i told her we'd be glad to have her.

it's not empowering to hear "you were right" in a situation like that. there's nothing good about finding out your suspicions & paranoias about someone's fiance' were correct, that you didn't get the joy of being proven wrong. but it is good that our friend is trying to come back - we missed her.

the weirder part, though, is that exactly seven days later, i received a second, almost identical "you were right" mail from another friend who was in a similar situation. he's recently divorced, too. & both mails were sent through myspace. wtf? clearly myspace makes divorces happen.

& since i haven't done any "ex stocktaking" since way back in 2004, i figured it's time for another round of that. let's see, new totals... eight have gotten married; of them, four are divorced. three now have herpes. five have made babies; of them, three have made MULTIPLE babies. gross. seven have gotten significantly fatter - & i don't mean ten or twenty pounds here, i'm talking significantly fatter. five are, by all accounts, miserable. awesome (not really awesome).

it's really easy to find out how many people have bred, by the way. all you have to do is find their blog & look at the latest entry. if it references something with a cutesy name ending in -y or -ie, they have a parasite.

anyway, on a less intense note, here're more stupid matched jewelry posts i made on stretched, & another from get_up_dread_up.

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& simply to spite his backdating-avoids-the-friends-page trickiness, here's a direct link to what joe posted about our anniversary in december. also a link to his very disgusting deep clean post (also mirrored on his page on my site). love it up, bitches.