January 16th, 2009


that's a lot of text.

last sunday, i invited a shitton of folks over so i could make them bleed & cry & such. kattlady came from california, kaikea & her boyfriend from their silly army base like three hours away, robinhoodvandal & impatient_hands from olympia, miriena & sic737 (who both live locally), & of course gorthok was there too.

katie's original plan was just to come up for dread maintenance sometime, but she jumped on making travel plans once i said i could scalpel her lobes for her, too (to redirect the holes). everything else wound up planned around her, since we're all lj buddies anyhow. in addition to katie's dreads & ears, i'm apparently now an aesthetist, as i also shaped her eyebrows. FULL SERVICE AT LISH'S PLACE. i took her loose 4ga lobes to 00ga (9mm) in one ear & 000ga (10mm) in the other.

i cut one of amanda's ears from 0ga to 1/2" (also to move/redirect the placement, & to keep a thin spot from getting thinner), which was the full extent of what i'll do at one time. it went beautifully. she didn't have jewelry i could really use for the other, so we left it for now. with just the one scalpelled, they're about even on size, so that's good. this was the 4th time she's tried to get up here to do this; who knows how long it'll be until i can cut her other lobe, heh.

lastly, i re-cut/touched up some lines on anya's chest scarification which had healed "too well". & while they were in town, i also tapered james's earlobes to 4ga & laughingly installed one CZ gem plug & one pink titanium plug, as that's what i had available to loan him. then i punched jenna in the face so she'd have something to heal, too. ok, not really on that last one. & i've done enough to joe lately. (i meant to his hair. (& his ass.))

throughout the day, there was delicious food for all. anya made homemade borsch (& prevented our accidentally-attained cabbage from rotting in the fridge), katie brought french macaroons from some amazing place downtown which i clearly must visit, jenna & james made geshmak latkes, amanda baked OMGZ SO GOOD pineapple upside-down cake & a giant loaf of fantastic banana bread. i really, really love when i invite people over & they all end up bringing food, & i even more love when they leave the leftovers (which are pretty sparse by this point). :D plus chris brought us a LAPTOP, so he's off the hook basically forever.

amusingly, all three people i cut that day - katie, amanda, & anya - are hair clients & are all still wearing the sets of dreads i started on them. actually, come to think of it, nearly all of the attendees are people i've worked on - all except amanda's military boyfriend. (i don't have a nifty link for pics of the mod work i've done on james.)

plus, i had a new dread client in for maintenance on friday. his dreads had some interesting issues, & pics are here.

the past weekend, i also finished the 4ga match for my 3/4" IS red rock candy plugs.

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& finally, a wtf: this is a friend of mine. cripes.