June 27th, 2009


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i took joe to philly this month. we ate at mrs marty's deli & jim's, briefly hung out with jesuscrux (who [accurately] compared joe to the microbes that live in radiation or acid for successfully being my boyfriend), met splendidgeek & sleep_monger (both gorgeous & so much fun to be around), visited the mütter museum, ate more at rita's, bought up a shitton of tastykakes (what hostess would make if they understood that flavor != more sugar; omg so good), & went to longwood gardens with my grandmother.

my grandmother is the most awesome being on the planet. this trip was primarily to see her. she's ninety-four this year (born in fifteen. FIFTEEN!), almost completely still with it, totally a fighter. she's been to fifty-three countries & has the motto of "i'd better not sit down too long or i might not get back up - so let's go!" my favorite story about her is from a few years ago: i usually call her every week or two, & i just couldn't reach her on the phone. i tried a few more times, then finally got her a week later. i asked where she had been, & she goes, "oh, i was feeling kind of down... so i went to poland." WUT. like, most people go to the MALL or go buy a SWEATER or see a MOVIE when they're down. she goes to poland. awesome. anyhow, gardening is her most beloved pastime, & she couldn't stop exclaiming how much she enjoyed seeing those big gardens again.

so joe finally got to have a real philly cheesesteak, & he immediately understood that the piece of sloppy, oily, overcheesed crap with giant hunks of fatty beef on a gum-lacerating french roll from the place down the street isn't it. joe liked jim's so much we actually went back later that night & bought a couple more sandwiches for the plane. we're bastards.

speaking of joe, we also stopped by infinite & installed some new jewelry. there're only a few spots i'm not comfortable making holes on a guy myself, so you can guess where his new jewelry is placed.

& he's out for the weekend on some weird revel thing, so tonight i made myself an "i don't want to leave the house" giant salad for dinner using all organic ingredients from last week's bin delivery. lots of spinach, an entire butter lettuce, two wiggly carrots which still crunch now that they're cut up, a bunch of halved cherry tomatoes, half a pint of strawberries & two big handfuls of firm green grapes. i always forget how good italian dressing tastes on a vegetable salad with a bit of fruit in it. i was considering putting some kind of animal in the salad as well, but that would've required leaving the house. half of it is left over & i'll probably have it tomorrow if joe isn't back in time to cook for me. :D

also, i found a mutant tastykake. i emailed them about it, & am hoping for hundreds of dollars in online webstore coupons to compensate me for the horror. now on to the jewelry.

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my next post will probably detail the upcoming SKYDIVING ADVENTURE that joe & i have put a deposit on. :D