October 4th, 2009


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it's computer stuff first, then things that might interest those of you who don't know what a linux is. skim appropriately!

of key importance: PHIL FUCKING RULES.

as you probably ignored in the last entry & are probably currently ignoring in this entry, video wasn't working properly despite phil's site visit. tonight, & the key reason he FUCKING RULES: he made magic happen with a splash of nvidia module, a pinch of v86d, & a dash of uvesafb - & not only did both X & zgv start working together, but my zeros with slashes even turned back into zeros with dots. *happy sigh* I'M DIFFERENT FROM YOU OKAY, SHUT UP. it was perfect timing, too - i hung out with sic737 today, & was so frustrated about the new box that he brought me another new box to try a quick & dirty install on, just to see if svgalib would work. (it didn't, but chris still rules hardcore.)

since the last update: i copied over my website & fixed the cgi-bin programs (one little chmod 701 instead of 700, duh). once that was working, i swapped IPs between the old & new box so i wouldn't have to change my RDNS & dyndns pointers. i also moved the dvd-rw over (as noted in the last entry), but it's still not working. it's closer though - at first the bios didn't see it (until i swapped the IDE cable, go layer one), then my kernel didn't see it during boot (until a full recompile fixed the amd74xx module issues), & now i can hear the disc spin but the system can't read a dvd. efforts continue.

i'd like to state here that my brother, too, is awesome. i note this next bit mostly for 5-10 years from now when i have to go through it again. i had root on a separate & tiny hard drive in the old machine, & i wanted to copy the entire structure to my big drive so i could hang onto all my old config files for a couple months, should i need them. this little line of code allowed me to do just that in a very efficient manner:
tar --one-file-system -cvf - . | ( cd /big/drive/OLD_ROOT/ && tar -xf - )

& thus, back to annoying things from this rash of awesome - my netbook arrived... defective. X segfaulted at the third boot, & thereafter would take a full 3-5 minutes to load any program, including tiny games or a terminal window, with nothing else running. added to that, the dvorak keymap is corrupted - instead of printing 123456 as you type numbers, it literally prints [75831. if i manually loaded the keymap with loadkeys or setxkbmap, it went back to normal. what the fuck, dell. i even had to hack my own root, as it wasn't set to any known default or to nothing, & the root password wasn't included in the documentation. turns out they left sudo available to the primary user, so i was at least able to "sudo passwd root". 9_9 they really don't expect people to know what commandline is anymore, do they.

but oddly enough, the CLI is the only part that DOES work correctly. a replacement machine is on the way, & i insisted on keeping this one until it arrives. if they take forever, i can still use it to ssh into my box from hawaii - i just can't check lj while i'm gone. ...which isn't exactly a problem. (ok, i can check it with lynx, but most of the communities i'm in are image-based. let's not even get STARTED about svgalib on the half broken netbook.)


the trip to silverwood last weekend was fantastic. robinhoodvandal & i were pretty well concussed after riding this thrice & all of these & everything else non-little-kid-specific in the park at least once. i maintain that wooden roller coasters fucking hurt to ride. (gorthok the headbanger was in a much better place than we were at the end of the day, & impatient_hands barely went on anything above 20mph, so he was fine too.) this guy was a great piece of entertainment though, not painful at all; we went four times.

for lunch at the park, we went to lindy's, which was my choice as it was the only place on the park map that didn't specialize in deep fat frying. the menu had a ton of interesting sandwich choices, & i convinced the table to order three of the burgers to split four ways. we had a turkey burger with avocado, a bison burger with sauteed peppers, & a barbecued angus hamburger with grilled onions. there wasn't much left on the table afterwards, & nobody felt too overfull to go immediately back to the rides.

james had some interesting one-liners on the drive back, such as, "high colonics are like the aftershock of enemas," referencing the "aftershock" ride we liked so much. he also said, "jugs of milk are like poop," & i'm going to leave that to you to figure out for yourself. later, we stopped for dinner at the sawtooth grill in eastern washington, & it was all i could want in a cobb salad. the huckleberry lemonade was rather tasty, too.

anyhow, the weekend was great, & in total was only about seventy bucks a person including the hotel, park access, & meals. (joe & i split paying for gas since we were using james & jenna's car.) for those really interested, jenna went into greater detail (with pictures!) over here, & so did james here.

btw - squishy black earskins are the ONLY way to go to an amusement park. they're the only choice that's really safe. & now on to fancier choices:

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back to planning for hawaii & leavenworth now. the latter is turning into a much nicer trip since the addition of a night at a local b&b. we'll see if the breakfast is at all comparable.