July 24th, 2010



so many wonderful things have happened since my last post. here are three stories which i will tell in chronological order which is a bit silly since the second & third things overlapped. also this post is long. anyhow.

the day joe & i randomly bought presents for each other!
i had purchased a two dollar PSP game from someone at work, & as i was telling gorthok that there is a present waiting for him, he said he has a present waiting for ME! normally i'm better at surprises, but this time he won on mystery alone. here's how the conversation began:

him: i bought you something.
me: hint me!
him: guess!
me: does it have a wrapper?
him: no. on the contrary, you'll want to throw away what's on the inside. some of it. actually you might do that many times.
me: ?#!?@#?

so i guessed a puppy, since when what's on its inside comes out, you definitely want to throw that away at each event. but of course it wasn't a puppy because who can handle that kind of neediness? then i guessed a honeydew, since i might take a slice & throw away the seeds, & do that again & again. but a honeydew kind of has a wrapper, so that wasn't it. then i guessed rainier cherries, as you throw the pits away repeatedly, but he said no. he asked why i was stuck on it being food, & i said because food surprises are my favorite kind, & then i wondered why he'd consider a puppy to be food.

anyhow, he was being tricky, because he'd brought back some five pounds of utterly delicious bing cherries (during a cherry famine!), so i was totally right on genus but too specific on species, or however biological classification works for fruit.

& in celebration of that, i posted this:
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anyhow he loved the game too & then i didn't see him for a week but could always trace his whereabouts by the incessent theme music.

the day atrophie came to visit!
i'd been pushing lindsay to visit for a few months, since we've talked pretty much daily for the last several years but haven't hung out, & since we're not internet dating then there's really not so much at stake if we don't get along well in person. which we totally did & i totally knew we would, so whatever. plus her mom works for the airline, so it's a free flight.

so lindsay came to visit on friday & it was awesome, & i threw a party on saturday which is the subject of story three, & on saturday night we stayed up talking until 4am like fucking teenagers & then she napped for an hour & then flew home sunday at dawn. it was so completely awesome that i can't even describe it to you because i don't want my readership to feel badly for being thoroughly unable to comprehend the levels of awesome to which this visit ascended, as mere humans cannot reach so high. so i'll just leave it that she's coming back next month so HAH.

oh right, & this happened too.
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the day i threw a taste tripping party!
i'm kind of overwhelmed by the amount of data i feel i need to get across, which explains all the run-ons, so i'm just going to link to what james said ...& then realize he locks his posts & so i have to detail it out anyhow. okay.

so i've been reading up on miracle fruit (hate you, wiki, & your flying elephants) & it seemed an awesome thing that i, as a straight-edge person, could safely try. in short, a protein in the berry (MIRACULIN, seriously, that's as lame a name for it as UNOBTANIUM, but okay) causes your sour taste buds to sort of numb out, so you only taste the sweet parts of foods. obviously, lemons were rumored to be especially delicious on a tongue that's recently had miracle fruit on it.

in further research, i came across the idea of "taste tripping parties", where people would get together & eat miracle fruit & then taste a bunch of different foods together. i immediately ordered some off thinkgeek, & invited all of my friends. since i was providing the fruit (in tablet form: just the fruit + corn starch), i told each person attending that they need to bring three approved items - approved only so i could make sure that a dozen people didn't all bring lemons.

we ended up with eleven people participating & three more just observing. we chopped everything & poured drink samples into tons of cups & it was fucking awesome. i played host (of course) & passed each bowl or the cups or whatever out so everyone could sample each item together. there was a lot of "HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME" & some "hm that didn't change much" & bunches of "WOW THAT'S JUST WEIRD", & it was definitely decided to do this again.

the final spread is as follows, with my notes on what happened to each item. i can't remember the order in which we tried them, so i've just vaguely alphabetized instead. Collapse )

so that was clearly an incredible party. the berry's effect only lasted thirty mintues on most of us, though longer on one chick - 30-120 minutes is the usual range. next time we plan to include plain yogurt, pineapple, & garlic dill pickles among 347824789279 other things that must be experienced.

storytime is over, so here are the jewelry links since the last post. (but even for those uninterested in jewelry, don't miss the "romantic story" 'cause omg. oh, & that bloody post is fun too.)

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& some hair pics from july.

OKAY SHEESH i think that's enough information, y/y