May 14th, 2011


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i've been cooking a lot more lately, & eating out less. it's a nutrition thing for me, but it's also added an extra level of interest since i'm well overdone on the healthy options for lunch around my office, & well turned off by the unhealthy ones. so i've basically started making a giant pan of something delicious, having a serving fresh & then packaging the rest for lunches. i do food logging & i've been posting about this elsewhere, but considering i've gone to the effort of photography, i may as well start copying them here like i've done with my jewelry posts.

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so i'm now deep in planning for a trip to see ryan ouellette for a large-scale cutting across my left ribs & abdomen. i mean, just look at the things that this guy is capable of. wouldn't you trust your flesh to him?

some of you may recall that i enjoy turning simple events into tremendous planning extravaganzas, & here i've turned a single roundtrip flight to NH into two one-way flights, starting with several days hanging out with one of my oldest friends, jesuscrux, then a 6h road trip to NH with him whereupon gorthok & atrophie will fly in to meet us, commence a day or so hanging out in NH, the massive cutting, & then flying home the next day - WITH joe, which wasn't so easy to plot out on his budget.

i. am. stoked. anyone have any suggestions for random shit to do in NH?

oh by the way, remember when i posted that "'i must not tell lies' would be a kickass HP hand tattoo or scar"? well guess what else ryan did. :D

i know it's been a while since my last post - it's due to working, working, & also working (new preorder open now) - but here are some other exciting tidbits of my life:
  • one of my tattoo artists moved literally 1 block from my front door. yes, this is awesome. this was particularly awesome lately when i had him tattoo the back of my left knee & had to walk stiff-legged for a couple weeks while it healed.
  • FACE TO FACE IS BACK. & joe & i are seeing them play live again, locally! (they were the whole impetus to drive out to warped tour last year.) i have loved face to face since i found them via an early internet radio site in '98, & saw them four times before they broke up for what i hoped was a long hiatus. their dissolution was heartwrenching, as their albums had gotten better & better, so i'm super happy they're back & touring.
  • i bought these two pony mugs from an amazing etsy seller, & i looove them. come have caffeine-free tea with me.
  • some recent hair posts i scrounged time for: pigtail hat update, FLAIL!, mostly joepics (with an extra in the comments), my new beehive, what happens when you wear camo, & a beautiful pic of joe at prosperity.
  • & of course:
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    oh & ps, gorthok's birthday present this year is going to be e-p-i-c. HI JOE ONLY 2 & A HALF MONTHS TO GO!@!%!