August 8th, 2011


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good things that happened recently:

  • i saw hedwig! real hedwig, actual hedwig! i didn't think it would be because the picture on the website appears to be an impersonator. this event was amazing - we found out last minute & snagged what was likely the last two tickets, we were first in line, & they went on for hours & several encores (including cee lo green's "fuck you" & the "transexual transylvania" song from RHPS). also we only narrowly dodged being repeatedly glitter-bombed by making a last-minute choice to sit in the balcony instead of stand at the stage. i feel so very fortunate that joe snagged us two of the ten seats in the whole place, 'cause glitter is my #1 most hated substance on the planet. i'd rather have bird shit in my dreads than glitter - it'd wash out easier. john cameron mitchell was chatting with some folks after the show, so i had an opportunity to go say hi & such, but the glitter was everywhere. i sacrificed the chance to touch hedwig to keep my glitter sterility, & i don't regret it. but yeah, the show was wonderful.

  • i won $21 worth of movie tickets/concessions from $8 of m&m's.

  • our glider rides were EXCELLENT. we each went up & around mount pilchuck for an hour. i took a ton of video & was permitted to fly for a while, too. we did some pretty outstanding "rollercoastering" in air, though aerial maneuvers are prohibited, & it was fucking delightful. i encouraged daniel (pilot/owner) to put up another groupon-type deal for a longer ride, as he says the thermals over mount si are better, but that trip's half again as long. Collapse )

  • i got in on another great slickdeal for a credit card sign-up bonus (& was instantly approved, like last time), so our next round-trip flights somewhere will be free.

  • i converted the old cilantro cassettes i had. i finally bought a cassette player for this purpose, since my stereo component rusted out while in florida. cilantro was a little project by lance hahn, frontman of j church, & released only a 7" & a couple of cassettes. i bought the latter directly from lance post-aforementioned-rusting, & thus hadn't listened to them. i miss lance terribly, & one of the few things i regret is that i never saw j church play live. i had the chance once when i lived in california, but i only knew a few songs then, only owned one album, & was too skint at the time to put down twenty on a band i wasn't totally in love with. it was the right decision at the time, but i have a big empty spot where that memory should be, & it's sad. anyhow, back to the cassette conversion, one cassette ended up being all songs that were later released as j church - the same 4-track recordings, even, so i didn't bother converting that one. the more recent cassette, though, was all new material. it's not great, & i probably won't listen to it much, but... man it's strange to hear new vocal tracks from someone loved & dead. it's one thing to listen to the songs you know by heart, to think that it's sad he's gone but at least this great music is left behind... but to hear NEW material... i'm not sure how to express it. it's an eldrich mix of sadness, pity, excitement, selfishness, & ungraspability.

  • i used my flight lesson coupon & went & flew a cessna 172R skyhawk! it was AWESOME. the instructor taught me the gauges & gave me a bit of an idea how things go while on the ground, then i did the major pre-flight checklist, & with little physical assistance i taxied, took off, gained altitude, banked left & right, descended, did a touch-&-go landing, circled back, landed, & taxied back to park. the coupon covered a passenger, so joe rode in back & was on camera duty. i took his life in my hands & we totally didn't die. Collapse )

  • starved after all the excitement, we went to the 5-spot for dinner. we split jalepeño corn cakes as an appetizer (with bacon jam & a panko quick-fried poached egg). my entree was the hickory smoked pulled pork sandwich with particularly good sweet cole slaw, & a cup of turkey vegetable soup (flavored heavily by bay leaves & clove) in lieu of fries. for dessert we split the brown butter hazelnut cake (flourless, with hazelnut vodka macerated black & blueberries & fresh whipped cream). packed with chopped hazelnuts, my favorite, it was fucking phenomenal. an eclectic meal, but exactly what i wanted.

  • speaking of, here's the latest Collapse )

  • testing4l helped me for about eight hours over two days, once again, because udev broke like whoa. of course phil got everything working again, & the second day wasn't even that painful, heh. kernel panics are terrifying. the stupid part is that the whole reason i was upgrading was because i needed new video software because joe just HAD to hold the fucking camera sideways when he recorded my cessna landing. THANKS JOE. anyhow, phil rules & we love phil & he deserves many blowjobs.

  • & now, a story: Collapse )

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  • & i posted about a thousand pics of joe being joe; joe being a goofball; this pic of my dreads, doubled & immense; & this little "oops"...

    that ought to keep you busy until i get back with HOT SHIT CUTTING PICS OMGZZZZZZ