September 5th, 2011


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august 31 ROCKED. i made jewelry happen that i thought i'd lost forever to someone else; we got free ice cream at the office; i made a work thing happen for a customer that there was no precident to believe could occur (& it solved their problem); middlewoodland emailed me AWESOME pics on a commission regarding a mechanism that neither he nor i thought would be possible; gorthok gave me a ride home from work for no real reason, just to be delightful; then everything was going so well that i went & bought $5 of lottery tickets... & won $7!

& then, just after midnight on september 2nd, my grandmother died.

please don't comment with sympathy or sorrow; acknowledgment is great (especially if you knew her or knew of her) but she wouldn't want more tears. she was nearly 96, an independent, vibrant world traveller (57-some countries she saw!) & her body had badly broken down over the past year. if you've seen "dogma", think g-d at the hospital: stuck. she had to get out, & while of course it completely sucks, it's also a good thing that she's free. the most amazing part is that i just saw her in august, less than a month ago, noted in the entry just before this one. she waited for me, she recognized me, & it's SO classic her to've done so. (& yes, i do attribute my super lucky happy day to her, & i don't care if anyone thinks that's silly.)

she was a great homestyle cook & an exemplary baker; i have several of her recipes via my cool aunt & am thinking of organizing a pot luck where everyone brings something based off her recipes. we'll see.

my company gives me three bereavement days, & i'm taking those next week. it's too short of notice to go out of the country in my grandmother's honor, since my passport expired in 1987 (seriously - i'm looking at it, heh), but joe & i are going to the DMV to get started on our enhanced driver's licenses during my leave. part of why we went to hawaii last year was because we didn't get our asses in gear to travel internationally; the option will be open soon.

in brighter news, joe & i were at bumbershoot yesterday, & it was actually really fun. we were able to see all of the things we wanted to see: kristin hersh being insane with some really electric spoken word interspersed with snippets of her songs; NoMeansNo's usual high standard of performance - & they ran a quarter hour long & i loved every second; the improvised shakespeare company's performance of "the unfortunate mustache", which was fucking hilarious & successfully referenced "mortal kombat" twice, including a live action "unbreakable block"; & most of the butthole surfers' set before we got bored & left. we also found the tastiest gyro stand & split a strawberry shortcake before the day was through. i'm glad to have labor day off work to recover.

we might head to a movie later; for now, here's the recent Collapse )

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ttyl, lj friends