September 20th, 2011


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silverwood happened again! we basically did the same trip with the same boys as last year - same restaurants & everything, except the weather was 85 degrees & perfectly sunny this time. we got off to a bit of trouble initially when poor christopher's brand new tires, fifteen minutes out of the shop, wouldn't stop scraping the wheelwells, but we swapped to joe's car & all was well.

we went to mizuna on the way out, & started with their delightfully light french bread with rosemary olive oil. joe was going all crazy vegetarian tofu hippie boy (though it was really GOOD tofu with a surprising tomato sorbet on top), so chris m. & i split two dishes: the grilled rare ahi tuna, with olive oil whipped yukon gold potatoes, & an asparagus, arugula, pistachio & black pepper-lemon vinaigrette salad; & the day's special, monkfish with italian sausage spinach tortelloni & mustard crème fraiche. the ahi was SO soft & perfect, & the monkfish was buttery, firm, & perfectly delicious. i wish more places would serve monkfish. for dessert i figured why not tie in a characteristic from each plate, so i called on the sundried cherry, amaretto, & pistachio bread pudding with crème anglaise.

suffice it to say, it was a very, very good meal, & soaking in the hot tub at the hotel was a lovely follow-up.

it was interesting riding coasters with my recent wounds, exactly four weeks old to the day, but most of the pressure from lap belts & stuff only ran into the hawk's tail, which is somehow the least painful part despite it being on the boniest area. i wore a "safety first" dreadstyle (pics here) & we bookended the day with the aftershock, my favorite. i had my usual at lindy's: turkey burger with avocado & garlic fries, & a repeat of the wonderful huckleberry smoothie they gave me last year. (yes, lindy's fries are so good that even i deem them worth the calories.)

christopher's ankle was bothering him (he destroyed it a few months ago & it's quite full of pins now) & my back was generally sore, so we decided mid-day to take in the magic show, "mysterium". we weren't expecting much for a ticket price of FREE (especially considering travis got us free admission to the park again this year), but it was actually really good! the magician was clever & tricky but also funny & enthusiastic, & seemed to honestly enjoy his gig. it wasn't cheesy at all, & we found the hottest part of the day had passed while we sat in the air-conditioned "theatre of illusions".

when the park closed, we moved on to vin rouge, where i had the center-cut kurobuta pork loin medallions, sauteed with sweet peppers, roasted garlic & sage, served with heirloom potatoes & various veggies. the meal was flavorful & felt pleasantly light, a feeling i completely destroyed by homphing down an entire apple crisp afterwards. :D mmmmmm worth it. i was so stuffed i barely ate the next day, haha.

on that note, on to examples of daily foods that allow me to eat as above on vacation & not gain weight. :) Collapse )

so i took my bereavement leave & made it to the DMV as detailed in the last post... & they turned me away for a stupid social security number issue. i went straight to the SSA office & had that corrected, but it took 24 hours to update in ~the system~, so i couldn't get my enhanced license during my grammy leave, boo. but we did make it back the same week, early saturday morning (fuck yeah i knew to get there at least an hour before opening, & we were first in a line that wrapped around the block by the time they opened. & joe doubted me!), & mine's currently in the mail. joe couldn't find his birth certificate, so he sent away for that, & he'll trek back to the DMV for a third time when it comes in. i'm thinking of spending grammy's birthday (december) in canada - it would've been her 96th. can you fathom being born in 1915?

speaking of my grandmother, the Grammy Memorial Dinner is happening mid-october. i invited sic737, impatient_hands, & robinhoodvandal, three of my closest friends in the area, though only chris & joe had met her. everyone's being super cool about obliging all the details i remember - joe even agreed not to improvise on the bread item he's assigned, which is a huge feat of discipline for him, heh. i hope everything comes out close to my memories.

a particular high point this week was that joe finally posted his reaction to his surprise birthday party. i've updated my write-up, & i'll leave the subject with this related bit of google disappointment: No results found for "ancient african battle fork".

on to a few jewelry posts, & updates on my hawk.

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