October 9th, 2011


omg mechoui

we got to experience mechoui at marrakesh tonight! from their website: Mechoui is a whole sheep cooked in a spit over a charcoal fire. Choose half or a quarter of a side. This is a highly Esteemed national dish which is generally prepared by a "Chouaye" (a professional cook), who delivers it piping hot. One then only has to season the pieces with a little cumin and salt, and enjoy the result. 8 persons or more, three days notice. i've been there many times for their royale feast, but never for mechoui as we never had enough people. finally i've now introduced enough folks to marrakesh that they were willing to go in for it.

four of the five courses were the same as the feast (fine by me, really, since i was craving them all day), but the main course was... omg. they brought this one enormous platter, & heaped upon it was a huge pile of roasted chunks of spice-rubbed lamb, on the bones, with no fat. the meat fell apart so easily, & melted in your mouth like dark chocolate. there were a couple plates of couscous & some other items on the table too, but no one could stop eating the lamb. & between bites i had to keep exclaiming how good it was - as much as i dearly love meals where i get to have lots of different bites of lots of different foods, this lamb was extraordinary & i wanted for nothing.

it's not a meal to have often, & we were all struck stupid by the indulgence, but holy hell that was exceptional. $400 well spent.

afterwords, "the human centipede 2" was playing at the local indie theatre. joe & i were the only ones brave enough to continue on to it, but we went & it was AWESOME. much better than the first one, especially when watched in the proper raucous, irreverent environment. someone actually fainted in our theatre during one of the gorier parts! best heckle of the show (worry not, no spoilers coming) was when the head of the centipede was disrespectful to the, er, surgeon, & someone shouted in a threatening tone, "i will put a butt on your face so fast!" :D

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