October 23rd, 2011



i threw the Grammy Memorial Dinner this month, as noted. i wore a velvet skirt she'd like, & my FF orange opal dichro, which i'd purchased ages ago because they reminded me of this huge opal ring grammy wore. i laid out a tablecloth she made & embroidered, with coasters, placemats, napkins, & salt & pepper shakers (shaped like fish) that she'd she'd sent me across some care packages fifteen years ago. we used my stabby flatware that she & my brother had gifted to me on a birthday. i put a slideshow of pictures of her on the tv via my zen, & we ate her recipes.

it was delicious. everyone did a great job cooking, & everything did come out pretty close to how i remember. chris made burgers on kaiser rolls (thick, seasoned & seared in a particular way; he nailed it perfectly); james & will made creamed spinach & green beans (the latter boiled, not microwaved); joe made butter dips (a breadstick-like amazing thing); & i made frozen strawberry pie on a homemade graham cracker crust for dessert. (i almost bought a pack of individual tiny pre-made graham cracker crusts i saw at the grocery store - it went like this: "oh hey, there will be six of us & here are six tiny shells & it'd make things easier & grammy would NEVER EVER DO THIS so forget it". lulz, she never bought a pre-made crust in her life.) the extra bonus of the day was atrophie's surprise arrival! since chris doesn't eat fruit & lindsay needed something to contribute, she picked up an assortment of pepperidge farm cookies which contained many of grammy's favorites (most notably chessmen & milano). there was plenty of food for everybody & it really was a great time. Collapse )

i also took the opportunity of lindsay's visit to do a little surprise for her & to give her a birthday present to take home (no peeking until the day!), but i'll let her write those up if she chooses.

what a great event. thanks everyone for being there & for so kindly letting me micromanage. :D perhaps we'll do this again? grammy made AWESOME spaghetti & meatballs...

next up: just two photographed entries in the food log (& a trip to coastal kitchen) since my last post, & these are good memories too. so Collapse )

in other news, joe is finally employed again, so i hope we'll soon be able to get back to doing more awesome things. you know, like this & this. ok, maybe not so soon - but i am totally pushing for NZ as our next major trip because of this stuff. :D

& now, time for something that becomes more major each year:
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& if that's not enough, some updated pics of my hawk.
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