November 27th, 2011



it's so not easy for gorthok to plan things. but he was still able to pull off a pretty great birthday. :)

i didn't know what was going on or the precise guest list, but i knew there'd be a gathering, food, & cake, & that's all that really mattered. arriving to the apartment were sic737, girlgoth & magnus, travis, christopher, nei_tan & trevor, robinhoodvandal & impatient_hands.

we walked to annapurna, where i hadn't been before. instead of an appetizer, i ordered a virgin piña colada-type drink: strawberry & pineapple juice with a splash of cream; & the tandoori clay oven lamb with grilled vegetables & mint chutney. the lamb was lovely & all my meat had piercings. :D the drink was DELICIOUS but a huge mistake - i almost never drink calories, & a few bites into the meal, 12oz of the sweetest juice around hit me & i felt completely ill.

i feared i'd end up missing out on my own cake, but fortunately, the cold walk home helped me to recover. joe & i extended our walk a few extra blocks, & my blood sugar stabilized enough to return to the apartment without feeling like wilford brimley was knocking down my door.

so i'd been told mid-week that joe had acquired a "cake backer" - immediately i suspected testing4l (& found out on the day that i was right). joe asked for my cake requests, & ended up getting my top choice: a black forest cake from b&o espresso. i fucking love b&o - you'll pay $8 for a slice of cake or pie there, but it's sooo worth it. i've often taken friends for dessert & i occasionally stop in on my way home from work, too. black forest is easily my favorite cake, but theirs is soaked in kirsch (cherry brandy) so i've never had it. ordering a whole cake, though, they were able to do without the alcohol component, & this made it even more special.

i took photos of the glory before we hacked into it. note that there's no frosting, just whipped cream, dark chocolate cake, & dark cherries. it wasn't too sweet at all, which was a huge relief after le juice regret. Collapse )

holy shit, it was SO good. also HUGE. there was plenty for everybody, several people took a slice or two home, i put a big hunk in the freezer for phil's upcoming visit next month, *&* we still had a couple of slices left for the next day. that was one hell of a cake.

after cake came presents, & a surprising number at that! molly gave me a card with a small square of knitting stapled to it, in my favorite colors, & said i'd be receiving a warm present as soon as she had time to finish it. X) will & james gave me a pony express belt buckle, for which i'll need joe to cut me a new belt. joe's present was awesome - a black fleece blanket that PLUGS INTO A CIGARETTE LIGHTER. YES! it'll be perfect for our upcoming trip to victoria BC for grammy's birthday, especially if joe decides to stop & hike anywhere.

it also must be noted that james is hilarious. please look upon the packaging for the blanket:

what the fuck. as james pointed out, that guy is a CONSTRUCTION WORKER. he has NEVER BEEN COLD IN HIS LIFE. he's obviously on the phone ORDERING THE BLANKET for his COLD GIRLFIREND, laughing about how she'll have no good excuse to put her ICE FEET on him anymore. haha i'm still mystified as to why a beefy dude who works outdoors was chosen as their product mascot - but hey, i'm not in marketing.

so there was one more present, which gives me reason to put a jewelry post directly in the middle of this write-up, because lily is fucking awesome. Collapse )

so yeah, that was my birthday, & it was excellent.

also, i bought another one of these. THEY'RE SO SPOTTY! SO SPOTTY! ^_^ now back to the usual stuff you get.

Collapse )

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speaking of, i found ryan's been posting some of my pics :) :) it's neat to randomly happen upon internet strangers complimenting you. one, two, three.

& my dreads celebrated their fourth birthday on 10-29, so i posted a shitton of new pics & a timeline here. there are also additional hair-relevant posts here, here, & here. you probably can't see that last one, but you can email me if you think you deserve it.