May 21st, 2012


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the major news in may is that i started going to the gym with joe. the reasons are multiple, but centered mainly around physical upkeep & a continued ability to eat desserts without repercussions. i began training on may first (coincidentally; i don't do resolutions or "ok the diet begins the day after thanksgiving") & have taken to spending 30 minutes (plus five cooldown) on the elliptical daily minus sundays. i'm now able to keep my heartrate at 145-165 with RPMs at 50-65, i'm regularly hitting 1.8-2 miles by the end, with my fastest one-mile time at 16:15. this is a pretty big deal as i've never been very physical (partly due to my scoliosis) & certainly have never had an active physical stamina. passive stamina, sure - eight hour tattoo sittings are no problem - but i call this an achievement.

i'm proud of my consistency, & am being rewarded with mild enjoyment - the more i go, the less i hate going. i'm still well in the "not happy to get started" zone, but it's becoming easier to actually get started, & less torturous to complete. it definitely helps that the folks at this particular gym all seem to avoid eye contact & therefore avoid leering, & are clearly there to work out, not hook up. after the first week, i was comfortable going on my own, though i think it's great that joe & i use each other for motivation & generally go together.

i started on a 2-week free trial under joe's account, & this deal came up just as i was discussing membership. so i'm able to put off actually joining for another month, & i like having a couple training sessions to use if i decide to do more than run the gerbil wheel. it'll only be $25/mo when i do join, since i've been promised the same promotional rate that joe snagged, so that's reasonable - a buck a day to use their equipment isn't bad.

on to nutrition. to clear up a misconception, i log my food daily. i simply feel better when i'm getting the proper amount of fiber & other nutrients in a day, staying within sodium & carbohydrate levels, et cetera. using a tracker site makes that easy. i don't, however, always photograph what i eat - that's only done for fun. without further ado, quite a lot of recent Collapse )

regarding the grammy tattoo project - i've chosen an artist for the memorial tattoo: joshua carlton. he does a lot of gory work, but it's pieces like this & this that make me think he'll be great for the goldfish. plus he's nearby in eugene, oregon, so it'll be an easy weekend trip instead of the flight+hotel+rental car+vacation days i was expecting to invest. i actually didn't know he'd moved to the west coast from indiana until i started checking the extra-high-listed artists on my approved artists list!

i REALLY wanted stéphane chaudesaigues, who apparently works in philly a few times a year, but neither he nor the shop in philly have responded to my repeated inquiries over four months. i loved the idea of having a french artist start the piece, since france was grammy's favorite country, & especially having it done IN philly where grammy's from... but it's not like every tiny aspect of the memorial has to be replete with ~deep meaning~. the lifelong additions to the piece are the most important part, & i'm okay with just making sure the fish is as beautiful as she was.

so that's scheduled for the end of august. i'm pleased to get it done (the image part, that is) within the first year of her absence. joe & i will be driving down to eugene & potentially staying overnight to make a fun weekend of it.

other neat things:

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& also this silly milestone. that's all for now, for there are two people who will be thoroughly ripped new ones if i don't stop typing soon. with luck, i'll forget who i'm referencing by the time i reread this in the future. HI FUTURE LISH, HAVE YOUR SELF-DESTRUCTIVE PSEUDOFRIENDS WISED UP??? I AM SURE YOUR LIFE IS STILL AS AWESOME AS EVER, TTYS