June 26th, 2012


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in reference to the last post, jeep barnett wrote back. :D i sent valve's webmaster a link to the post, & apparently whoever answers that sent it immediately around the company. i got a few responses, but for those who don't know, portal is jeep's game - so his was the most exciting. he said they look awesome & thanked me for sharing; i replied to thank him in return for making such inspirational, enjoyable games, but i realize now i should've said HEY CAN I HAVE A TOUR & ALSO A THREESOME. sigh, wasted opportunity!@

related to both the above & below, quarex asked:
I am kind of afraid of what will happen if you are working out regularly. Are you going to ultimately be better than everyone else at EVERYTHING?!?!
the answer is yes.

project Exercise Every Fucking Day (Except Sunday) is still going well. i missed a week right at the end of last month due to horrible illness (stupid office flu finally got me), but i've been nicely consistent since. i do have a break coming up, as i'll have to skip days to heal my foot tattoo, so that's added some motivation. i've improved my form, dropped three pounds*, & found that i burn just as many calories doing intervals as on the "fat burner" setting, but am not nearly as wrecked afterwards. i'm up to 40-50 minutes of ~2min intervals plus 5min cooldown, with my fastest one-mile speed of 14:29 & a max distance of 3.30 miles - without collapsing. my calves are becoming defined, which is just plain bizarre.

(* note: yes, i had 5-8 pounds to drop, now 2-5, to be back at my ideal high school weight of 100lb. this is mainly because my foot was fucked up for several months, then booted for two, then recovering on a therapeutic dose of anti-inflammatories for another two - & the end result of not being able to walk properly or move as much as normal for most of a year threw off my weight. i have sworn to myself that i'd never be one to say "i used to be thin, i don't know what happened", & i call 110 my absolute top upper limit. i'd been between 103 & 105 for the past few years, which is fine, but when i saw 108 one morning, i opted to attack instead of hope & delay. & hey, i don't half-ass anything, so i figured why not reign my weight all the way back if it'll safely go? so let there be no worries of anorexia nervosa/athletica or other disordered eating habits that i don't have; i know i'm not fat, & i don't mind if i don't hit 100 if i somehow build muscle [unlikely; it'll probably just tone] but i also know it's a damned sight easier to work off 5 pounds than it is to work off 35, & let's not even think about what extra weight on my frame would do for my scoliosis [oh hi wheelchair!].)

so i had to finally sign up to the gym for realz - you may recall that i'd snagged a timely amazon-groupon thing to delay that repugnance a month. i went in guns blazing, east coast attitude razor-honed, & was presented with $39/mo plus $50 first, $50 last, & some fucked up $30 "you're new here so screw you" fee, all in addition to the $29/mo (without a contract) that joe was paying. ha, surely you jest. i worked them down via pure rage & irritation to adding me onto joe's plan, each of us paying $27.38/mo after taxes, no extra first/last payments, no YNHSSY fee, plus the paid time starting july 1st so another two weeks free - in exchange for us both being held to a one-year contract & paying the year in full in advance (which i'd planned to do anyhow). so that turned out okay, all considered; it ends up ninety cents a day each to use a $4000 piece of equipment a block from my home. hey, i have absolutely no problem being given a great deal simply so i'll get the fuck out of the manager's airspace for the next year - battles of financial negotiation often come down to exhausting the other party with sheer relentless badgering. XD

speaking of great deals, this month we got to visit the zoo for free, & took robinhoodvandal & impatient_hands with us. amusingly, i had to use my feminine wiles to get us in despite the free tickets - no one noticed that though the coupons said "come visit us for free any day" on the front, they continued "...between june 17 & july 31" on the back. of course we were there on the 16th. i saw this in the car when we were almost there, & told everyone to let me do the talking (OBVIOUSLY). once in line, i purposely chose the cutest male teller, & it went like this:

lish: hi! we have coupons! yay the zoo!
cute guy: *already looking stressed* ...okay, the thing about these is that they're not valid today.
lish: *deadpan* ...what
cute guy: yeah, it's for father's day...
lish: but it says "any day" on the front. *looking distressed, beginning to pout*
cute guy: but on the back, right here...
lish: but we drove here from olympia. *super sad face*
cute guy: *LITERAL HEADDESK* okay, look, i can just let you in without the tickets, just don't tell anyone, please. here, take the coupons back & don't tell.
cute guy: *looking sheepish & blushy*
all of us: *scamper inside*

the olympia line was true, too - for 50% of us. :) & we even parked for free at woodland park instead of in the zoo's $6 lot. as an aside, i'm always taken aback when a local branch owns such a broad domain - seattle's zoo has zoo.org, & the cops where i lived in florida have sheriff.org. weird. anyhow, Collapse )

i'd also scored a groupon for a three-course meal at our favorite ethiopian place, so we feasted there before watching a movie at our apartment, & thus ended a delightfully cheap day with my three favorite perpetually-broke people. X)

less cheap but even more awesome was the paragliding joe & i finally got to do this month! we've been ziplining & skydiving twice each, so this was a logical progression. it was supposed to rain, then it seemed we were lucking out with the weather as we saw lovely partly cloudy blue skies on the drive to issaquah, then it turned gray as we filled out paperwork & were shuttled up tiger mountain... but our pilots waited it out, & after a couple hours the skies cleared enough for a really good launch. my guy took off first & we had about ten minutes in the air before joe's pilot was able to go, but joe made up the time by taking some crazy express thermal elevator WAY up into the clouds. he touched them while i went in fast spirals & zoomed about.

i left the camera running & tried to capture as much awesomeness as possible; since no one wants to watch forty minutes of this, i've chopped up the video into some of the best parts. watch for joe's wing, the only white & blue one. things you'll see: my takeoff; random gliding; the best i could do to capture joe's takeoff; joe up in the clouds; more gliding & joe WAY above my wing; circling; joe's landing (interrupted by my running out of the way when i realized i was still standing in the center of the landing zone).

music: alice donut, "madonna's bombing sarajevo"

after paragliding, we were about a mile from the triple XXX rootbeer diner in issaquah, made famous to modest mouse fans in their song "all night diner". (the song regards that specific location, as the band is from issaquah.) i don't eat much diner food, rarely anything fried, but it was probably the best i've had - notably tasty burgers, with sauteed mushrooms on mine, & joe's rootbeer was delicious.

on that note, Collapse )

Collapse )

& here are a joe+lish random photodump & two recent dread stories.

so yeah, it's been a fun june! things to still look forward to: foot tattoo, movie marathon saturday, imax spiderman, silverwood, imax dark knight, joe's birthday, grammy tattoo!