July 8th, 2012


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i had such a great week+!

thursday - my bi-monthly massage. i adore theresa - she keeps me walking & breathing. bonus: therapeutic massage seems to hurt a little less since she's now rubbing gym-sore muscles between putting my bones back in place.

friday - foot tattoo with quarex! it went wonderfully, & hurt a bit less than anticipated (though it was definitely Not Fun & i hope to not need any touchups). i think the pain was more easily tolerated since it was so far from my core. i'll probably put healed photos up on my site; you can request the fresh shot now if you think i'll say yes to you, which i probably won't.

saturday - another wildly successful movie marathon party. this month the theme was hacker movies from a decade+ ago, in the same awesome/mediocre/total crap procession as before: hackers, swordfish, &... the net. the turnout was decent: me & gorthok, west, landon & his hot chick of the moment, travis, mrmagus, & stephen. seven of these eight people are techs, so there was much mockery & amusement.

mid-marathon, we went to the regent bakery & picked up some PORTAL CAKE. no, really - this is the bakery that made the original used in the game. we didn't have enough people over to buy a whole cake, but they sell by the slice, too. we got to eat it, & it was NOT a lie. (& yes, of course i wore my portal plugs in commemoration.)

monday - movie/dinner date with joe! we both cut work early (& orchestrated bus routes to meet up together) to rush to a matinee of the startlingly good "moonrise kingdom" at a little indie theatre in wallingford (built in 1919, neat). joe said he liked it so much he'd buy it when it came out, & it put us in a playful & lighthearted mood for the rest of the evening. (if it's playing near you, go see it!)

we then walked half a block to have a sensational dinner at rain sushi on the cheap via groupon. we split the "spring rain" level of omakase, & it was SO fucking spectacular. particular high notes were jimmy's rain drops & the rainy day roll (both have earned awards), & the bite me andy was pretty special too. fortunately, only a few pieces were tempura/aioli, or we might not've been able to order the chocolate lava cake for dessert. :D it didn't disappoint despite being overcooked - no lava - but they gave us three small scoops of very good vanilla ice cream with it (which wasn't listed on the menu!) & joe's beer wasn't even on the bill. we overtipped like whoa & will certainly return.

we caught a bus directly after dinner, no waiting, & then joe carried me running five or six blocks to our transfer point (still healing the hoof, remember!), & it showed up only a few minutes later. it began to rain a bit harder on the last two blocks home, & joe held his hoodie above me like a tarp. BEST DATE BEHAVIOR EVAR :D

tuesday - imax spiderman on its weird tuesday opening night. we were in line early, as usual, & nabbed favorite seats in the center. the movie was actually pretty great, plus i got dinner (& a phenomenal chocolate chunk cookie with edges so perfectly browned that they tasted of the barest hint of caramel O_O ) from the metropolitan market hot bar, which always gives me far more enjoyment than is reasonable. metro's food is so delicious, all fresh & organic, & i love being able to get a few bites of everything & then load on the veggies.

wednesday - off work for the 4th. i was helpful to a friend - spent a couple hours giving him a high-level overview of how to eat for health & to potentially reverse a worsening medical condition - & ended this nice quiet day with some mild chicanery. though liquordrums has moved, we sneaked onto his old roof with the amazing view & watched the seattle fireworks show from there. it was totally worth the <$4 parking & twenty minute traffic on the drive home, especially since i own a garage parking spot. (finding parking on the hill is tough enough on a weekday; far more so on a holiday.)

saturday & sunday - joe went off camping (after a brief stint getting his car rekeyed as he'd lost his keys yet again; i found the lowest priced locksmith around & then talked him down another ten bucks X) ), so i have the apartment delightfully to myself. this weekend i met up with a friend to make a repeat secured investment in an event he throws regularly, which last year netted me a return of over a grand. i'm investing more & have a higher percentage coming back this time, so i'll make several thousand with no effort if all goes typically. :D man, i love how money makes money - flooding purchases through an always-paid credit card for the cash back, buying up crazy 50% deals, investments like this... i'm nowhere near the 1%, but i might be in the 40%...!

HEY I CAN BRAG IN MY LJ IF I WANT TO. your broke ass doesn't have to read it. XD

still upcoming, fast approaching:
  • silverwood (with travis at mizuna & lindy's)
  • imax dark knight (with metro market hot bar; totally getting repeat cookie)
  • ~*joe's birthday*~ (with SECRETS, now with extra SECRETS)
  • queen sheba groupon v2 (they ran a second deal, so we're doing it again with the same friends!)
  • grammy tattoo <3 (food yet unresearched, but i'll find something zagat-y, i'm sure)

    also upcoming:
  • i was SO excited to see a half-off amazon deal for spur gastropub that i called joe at 7:20am to confirm that he'd go with me. recall this is the place that turned us into dragons. the next day had an identical deal for the coterie room, which is owned by the same folks as spur. we nabbed that too. :D i don't know when we'll use either coupon, but i love having them sitting on the back burner, just simmering excitement.

    a quick weight update: i hit 104.0 on july 1st, which put me halfway to my goal at exactly two months into this little experiment - which is precisely where my calorie math stated i should be. estimating calories & accurately logging restaurant food is difficult, & i do eat out fairly often (with generally good choices, but nonetheless without labels), so it's great to get life results that prove i have a good grasp on what different foods cost to my body. i expect to maintain or even lose a little progress while my tattoo heals, but weight isn't a one-time achievement, & i look forward to getting back to the gym to continue my success.

    & also i posted this. it is epic.

    text-based memory augmentation complete