August 2nd, 2012


joe's birthday 2012

oh, i think this year was especially cruel.

i started torturing joe in january, & began giving him hints in april. actually, i gave him the choice of a hint or a yes/no question, & tried to give as useless of answers as possible. :D

april: "you'll need equipment for your birthday!" (refused: whether or not he already owns said equipment)
may: a choice which day he'd like a hint about, noting that he'd get more information about july 27th than the 28th, & more info about the 29th than the 27th. 29th chosen, two-part hint granted:
  - "the equipment needed will be needed on the 29th." (he [accurately] considered this may mean the whole weekend is celebratory)
  - & my favorite hint of the lot: "when you think it's over, there's still one more thing to go."
june: "you will be financially responsible for your meals & nothing more." (this directly stated this is at least a full-day event, & he [accurately] assumed it's an overnighter)
mid-june bonus hint: "i hope you haven't been there, but i'm sure you haven't been there or there."
july: "you will have decisions to make on friday the 27th which affect sunday the 29th." (this finally confirmed the length of the celebration)

he tried to squeeze additional hints, but just got stuff like this:
[09:13] > oh shit i just learned something which is going to make one of your decisions much easier for you hahahah
[09:13] * crank2319 notes it.
[09:15] <gorthok> what did you figure out?
[09:15] > i learned that one of the somethings you'll get to pick for something has something on something that you'll want to something


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