November 28th, 2012


this post is 79% about food! & 9% about stuff that hinges on food!

i haven't done a fitness update in a while. turns out pneumonia ISN'T the best thing for exercise; who knew? i'm only just now getting back to full health, & am working to get my endurance back up - i've started running 1000 stairs during lunch at work to help with that. it's going well - seems i've kept most of the new muscle i built in my calves. due to awesome rattling lungs, the weird digestion issue i mentioned briefly in one of the travellogues, & said muscle, my weight had stalled around 106 before the trip... but after dropping some crazy water weight (apparently international travel makes me retain TWICE AS MUCH water as i EVER have before?), i'm actually down half a pound. granted we walked a LOT, but still - who loses weight on vacation?!

since i'd taken off work anyhow, i spent the afternoon of my birthday having my first session ever with a personal trainer. we reviewed pretty much everything about my [fantastic] diet & [equally fantastic] self-motivation, & then i was measured. my scale at home says my body fat is 19%, but his calipers put me at more like 12.5%. okay?! now that i've grown accustomed to exercising & have learned some practical limits, i can start towards the true primary goal: to strengthen my erector spinae (the long muscle groups on either side of my silly twisted spine) so i don't end up in the hospital again. i'd also like to maybe MAYBE get some tone/definition in my upper body & torso. if i can accomplish that, then i'm happy maintaining 104.

thanks to thanksgiving being all early in the month, my birthday party's not happening until next weekend; since i know what my present is, i consented to wait on that, too. pleased with my dietary success & not wanting to ruin it, i was extra glad that joe found the perfect place to take me for dinner: seastar. he told me not to even LOOK at prices (which basically makes me do this), & said he'd split anything i wanted, which is pretty much my favorite thing to do in a restaurant.

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after dinner, we played castlevania SotN until i went to bed, then joe did all our dishes & took out the trash. :D :D

we went light at potluck thanksgiving at our friends' place - i made my fancy cranberry sauce as orange-cinnamon this year instead of blue-cran, as the blueberries didn't look great & i didn't need five pounds in the freezer - & saved the real indulgence for spur's tasting menu the day after thanksgiving. i'd been planning this for a month, & we brought several friends with us, as it was definitely an event to celebrate. the menu gave a choice for each course; joe & i ordered one of each & split everything ^_^. with a couple of extras, this made the meal 18 even tinier courses, all of which i will gladly detail for you now!

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as expected, it was exceptional. i was told they're changing up some items on their menu soon, so another trip to spur will be in order in the coming months!

moving from dinners to dessert, i was able to track down the most amazing ice cream bar from china! first off, the company name is GUIZHOUBINHUISHANGMAOYOUXIANGONGSI. okay! the translation is pretty hilarious & i'm sure is less than completely accurate, but here's the info i found:

Name: music IS HEREBY classic clever clever brittle stick
Details: Fragrant chocolate crispy, creamy vanilla ice cream, injection mixed with Ovaltine shortbread chocolate bars, each layer of blooming sweet taste and wonderful taste layers of delicious, mouth, surprise, a lot of enjoyment, is a classic the clever brittle stick, you choose the classic!

my classic clever clever brittle stick DID have wonderful taste layers of delicious! i completely agree. i also found this page which lists a different title:

Erie clever music IS HEREBY brittle ice cream classic clever stick heat and anti-obesity

anti-obesity ice cream sounds legit. this second site lists the ingredients, which include drinking water, chocolate crispy edible vegetable oil, edible salt, & food flavor. yum, i love food flavor!

the company makes a blueberry version i SO would've bought, but i only saw raspberry-coffee aside from the pineapple one i tried for round two. FUCK, I NEED AN IMPORTER. (actually, it doesn't look so good on the inside, so i guess i chose wisely after all?)

& in conclusion, here's a... red carpet photo-op with the ice cream people. they live the life of royalty, man.

okay, on to jewelry.
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