March 20th, 2014


philly/new hampshire 2014

so yeah, i had an awesome time hanging out with jesuscrux. i almost canceled the trip due to snow hitting the east coast again, but tom reminded me that the east coast actually owns snow plows, unlike seattle where we have all of two. i flew in on friday (valentine's day - the airline gave us all extra cookies to celebrate; i guess southwest figures fat replaces love?), & indeed i was delayed on my layover in chicago, but i arrived safely.

we drove up to new hampshire on saturday. this turned out to be The Most Dangerous Roadtrip, as there was pretty much a blizzard going on the entire time. we quickly learned that massachusetts plows perfectly to their state borders, whereas connecticut & new hampshire give a big white fluffy "fuck you" to people on the roads. we pretty much skied to new hampshire in tom's miata, & it's a good thing he'd taken time to put on the snow tires. what's normally a six hour trip ended with six hours of perpetual "two hours to your destination", & i think it took us about ten hours all told.

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since the trip, i've been very productive - i finished painting a canvas for the bedroom (making some sexy art to reclaim the space, woo - one more to go), mounted a giant vinyl sticker of the world on paper to hang above my sofa (replacing the big map of rainier joe had there; i ordered my sticker in gray with burgundy location points, & i've marked all the places i've been :D), resized a couple of shirts, tracked down several more b-sides i didn't know exist from stellastarr (i'm also planning a tattoo to recognize them; much like my other "band tattoos", you'd never know the image represents the band unless i explained it), hooked my ps1 back up (helo guitar freaks!), had the sofa steam-cleaned to get out all the joe crumbs & aidan sweat, & have successfully kept the apartment clean with extreme help from hungry the roomba. it feels good to have a tidy space again.

beyond that, i'm preparing for cabo & the Grammy Memorial Tattoo addition. i found a good shop not far from the hotel, made an appointment, & am all set to have Mexico added to the GMT. i'm starting to look forward to the trip instead of just thinking it's weird & being uncomfortable, so that's good. also robinhoodvandal & impatient_hands gave me this amazing piece of art as a belated birthday present; humans of seattle got me, & i might go to australia & new zealand this year. *innocent whistling* don't get TOO excited, anachlirium - nothing's set yet. but australia IS in my top ten, & it is a distinct possibility that i may be there around september. if so, you're accompanying me to your artist to add to the GMT. X)

okay, next update will be post-mexico...