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Wednesday, April 9th, 2014
11:12p - cabo san lucas, mexico - march 2014
thursday 27: seattle to cabo

our travel company gave me the option to get up early & have a layover to arrive at cabo around five pm... or get up at my normal time & take a nonstop flight to arrive around five pm. yeah. so i woke up at seven & travis drove us to the light rail downtown. we made it to the airport & through security & into mexico without a hassle, mostly unmolested by timeshare hawkers.

we received purple wristbands at check-in, denoting our all-inclusive status. i was also given a company-branded beach bag with sunblock, chips & salsa, a company-embroidered windbreaker for each of us, & a couple of double shooters glasses. (yay, more branded barware for the straight-edger!) we were driven in a golf cart the long way around to our room, at first concerned that we were half a mile from everyone else, before figuring out that our driver is an idiot. :) the hotel room was beautiful & open, with a balcony facing the ocean. we loitered on it a minute, then headed down to the opening night cocktail hour & dinner.

we'd been advised to don "fiesta attire" for this event, but having no idea what the fuck THAT'S supposed to be, i opted for my only little black dress. i successfully schmoozed with several of the senior leadership team (SLT) - read: the old white dudes in charge of my company who inexplicably love me. (i think they like that i give them shit - a tiny little punker girl who has no fear of them is kind of an anomaly in their world.) our president spotted me immediately & greeted me cheerfully, smiling & mildly trashed.

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so that was fun! hopefully now i can get these two songs out of my head.

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