April 25th, 2014


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i went to the 5th annual voracious tasting & food awards! i'd also gone a couple years ago, & this year was just as awesome. (i took better notes this time.) highlights in a fairly most-delicious order:

  • beef belly pastrami, pickled cabbage, thousand island, & rye croutons (radiator whiskey)
  • sweet potato latke, smoked trout, herbed chevre, fig & bacon jam spread, crème fraîche (the skillet group)
  • yuca empanada with queso fresco & chimichurri (la bodega)
  • smoked beet & chevre macaroon with alderwood smoke (crush)
  • smoked trout rillette on crostini with pickled shallot & spring peas (matt's in the market)
  • carmalized coconut beef, steamed jasmine rice, coconut sambal, sautéed greens, crispy shallot (tanaka san)
  • chicharrón & beef heart tartar (le petit cochon)
  • almond joy panna cotta, chocolate crumble, & pirouline cookie (collections café)
  • curried chicken liver mousse, fruit walnut compote, radish & chive (la bête)
  • wild alaska king salmon tartare on taro chips, with avocado, cucumber, & cilantro (ponti)
  • short rib brined in coffee, braised with chocolate, red wine, & veal stock (sky city at the needle)
  • "foie tofu": foie gras, freshly grated wasabi, bonito dashi (miyabi 45th)
  • smoked sturgeon & pea purée on crostini (quinn's pub)
  • grilled short ribs with yuzu & green peppercorn, awarded "best beef bite of the night" (miller's guild)
  • salt cod brandade on crostini (cafe campagne)
  • rikikat bi’ lahem: phyllo stuffed with lamb, pine nuts, & spices (cafe munir)

    as i know few people who aren't dieting or vegetarian or broke (or some combination thereof), i went with gorthok. seems that was fate: at seattle weekly's swag booth out front, he spun the wheel & won a pair of tickets to see lindsey stirling in concert. this is a sold-out show he desperately wants to see, & thought he'd have to get tickets from a scalper. so the $65 he spent on his voracious ticket turned into $120+ for music. nice!

    now on to MY awesome news: i bought in on a 3-week australia & new zealand trip for this year! dear sydney, cairns, melbourne, auckland, waitomo, matamata, rotorua, & queenstown: i will be inside you. i am pretty fucking excited; australia has been in my top five for decades, & it was only half again the cost to do the additional ten days in NZ. here's the basic trip:

  • fly on my own to LAX (i had enough free airline miles left to cover this :D)
  • fly to sydney, australia
  • historic rocks tour (sydney cove, cadman's cottage; harbour views of sydney's opera house & harbour bridge; campbell's cove; the rocks historic precinct)
  • harbour cruise with seafood lunch
  • blue mountains canyon & 4WD tour
  • bridgeclimb (sydney harbour bridge)
  • fly to cairns, australia
  • minjin jungle swing
  • full day outer reef cruise
  • full day kuranda railway & rainforest tour
  • fly to melbourne, australia
  • get tattooed
  • full day great ocean road tour
  • phillip island & penguin tour
  • fly to auckland, new zealand
  • auckland museum & city highlights tour
  • skytower orbit restaurant welcome dinner
  • waitomo glowworm caves
  • hobbiton movie set tour
  • te puia rotorua, NZ maori arts & crafts institute
  • rainbow springs kiwi wildlife park
  • mitai maori village hangi & concert
  • wai-o-tapu thermal wonderland
  • fly to queenstown, new zealand
  • get tattooed
  • queenstown sightseeing tour
  • gibbston valley wine cave (76 meters down)
  • skyline gondola & famous "taste of new zealand" buffet dinner

    abbreviated, it looks like this:

    the trip covers swanky hotels & all transport (so much flying) & bunches of meals, & there are about a thousand optional activities including the shotover jet, wilderness/funyak/quad safaris, kawarau river rafting/twin challenge, the milford sound tour, & skydiving/ziplining/things i've already done. i have designs to visit the taronga zoo, which looks amazing, maybe try to hit luna park, & of course i basically want to eat everything adriano zumbo ever conceived of. (v8 cake, helo? & yes, it has been made in chocolate.) & there's one particular kiwi thing i really want to do...


    Hurl yourself off the tallest building in New Zealand! You’ll plummet 192 metres off the Sky Tower at 85km an hour!

    yes, yes please!

    i also want to skywalk, but skyjump's the real attraction. amusingly, i apparently signed up for alerts on both when i learned about those a few years ago, because the only email they've sent me arrived ONE DAY after i signed up for this trip. more amusing still, they're running a 2-for-1 skywalk deal through september 30th... & i'm set to be at the sky tower on the 27th. thanks, universe! for perspective, the sky tower is about twice the height of the space needle. :O :D :O

    so in about five months, i'll be off to the land of deadly spiders & deadly snakes & deadly everything else & then on to hobbitworld. (btw, don't miss visualizing the 2.5cm bull ants on that link above, & be sure to read about cone snails: a "venomous, predatory snail" - that's right, a SNAIL - which has, in a single sting, "enough venom to kill 15 healthy adults". yikes, australia!)

    oh, & i booked my SEA-LAX flight to arrive a day early so i can hang out with testing4l! speaking of days, there will be no 9-16-14 for lishes but i will get two 10-4-14s, so i hope october is awesome! :D