May 5th, 2014



oh hey! so i've done some fun stuff i forgot to mention & a lot of things are coming up that i forgot to mention too. :D in chronological order:

i went indoor skydiving.
i've been real skydiving (twice!), so i figured this would be fun without the eardrum pain. it was! i did pretty well on my second turn - i was told i looked like a superhero. yes, i have Collapse )

i went to emerald downs on opening day & bet on the ponies.
i started with two bucks on each of the ten races, then put down another eight dollars as things went on. i won four times & ended up only spending $15, so that's not too bad!

i get to see failure play in concert.
holy shit, i love when bands i never thought i'd get to see live decide to reunite. (i'm looking at you, naked raygun - even despite jeff pezzati personally telling me they only reunited for the money.) failure broke up in 1997, & i found them that same year, so it was never even a hope. i've no idea why they decided to come back, but it appears they'll be opening for tool, so maybe they'll take face to face's lead & start releasing amazing new material?!?#@?# also, look how cute.

i'm going to teatro zinzanni in may.
i haven't been before, but kyle says it's awesome, & kyle knows awesome. so hey, why not. this is a five course gourmet feast with a three-hour circus-y performance, & i snagged a discounted ticket.

i'm going to disneyland for girlgoth's birthday.
i went to disneyworld once when i was about twelve, but i've never been to disneyland. i'm not a disney fan, really not at all, but lily arranged a big trip around her birthday & it worked out that i'm available, so i'm going! i love rollercoasters, & it's questionable if we'll get to silverwood this year since travis just had a whole bunch of [planned] surgery. (he's doing well.) anyhow, i snagged seats on the planes right next to lily & magnus, i'm staying at a discount with a couple of their friends (can't beat $50 a night to sleep literally across the street from the park), & it'll be a blast.

also i maybe signed up for a disney-specific credit card that'll give me fifty bucks for my first purchase plus extra discounts at the park. i maybe have been known to work the system. :D

i'm seeing "the book of mormon" in july.
how can you not love trey parker & matt stone? i finagled two tickets & invited kyle to join me, because i figured he'd appreciate it the most.

did i mention i'm going to australia & new zealand!??!?!
'cause i am. :D

my day job is fantastic, Luciferins are doing quite well, & i have more hair clients than ever. plus i've a few other minor earners on the side. i'm very fortunate to have so much work, & i'm grateful to be in this position.

i used to value things more than experiences, preferring to buy a cd or two over a fancy dinner, but that's changed in the last five or ten years. i have all the things i need, so i've found myself wanting to spend money on experiences. it's a lot more fulfilling! & without someone else's poor budgeting skills holding me back, i don't need to delay doing awesome stuff anymore.

i'm VERY excited for the sky jump & the harbour bridge climb; other experiences i'd like to have this year include parasailing & hang gliding. (i've already done paragliding & it was awesome.) i'd also like to pilot a helicopter since i've flown a cessna & enjoyed it, but i'm not sure that's possible in one lesson. :) anyhow, i set up a new page on my site for the cool shit i've done, so take a glance if you like.